Ghost Game Episode 32 Profile & Social Art & More, Anime Expo Photos & Habu Messages, & Week Catch Up


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Sep 8, 2006
Time for the weekend batch!


After Digimon Ghost Game episode 32 aired, Digimon Web put up the profile art of Betsumon, who features in the episode. The attached message:
Thanks for watching Digimon Ghost Game episode 32 Who Are You?
Betsumon, who impersonates people & Digimon appears❗
Nothing can't be swapped by the Digimon suits of Betsumon😆

Then we got some more art...


Tenya Yabuno drew more art for the new ED, as he has before for Ghost Game. After the show he put up a high resolution version of some of the key art from it. The attached message:
& the new ending of Digimon Ghost Game is Monster Disco by Shikao Suga & Hyadain! Amazing! An addictive disco tune♪
I continued to draw illustrations for this song. Please listen to it!

And yet more new art!


natitititixx worked on the new ED, working on some of the drawings of the dancing Digimon and put up some art of them. The attached message:
The new ED from today, episode 32. I worked on drawing Floramon, Labrammon, & Reppamon🫡
I grew up reading Yabuno's manage when I was in elementary school, so I was deeply moved...🥹
Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity!🙇‍♀️

Various social media and other Ghost Game official images swapped out Gammamon with the Betsumon dressed as Gammamon for some fun. We saw a decent amount last week, and some more yesterday, but a few of the more fun ones...

The main Ghost Game key art and the Gammamon profile art, from the official Ghost Game site, were both swapped to Betsumon versions.

Then over to Anime Expo...


Digimon Web and Digimon Games put up some photos of the Digimon booth.


We also got some messages from Habu (2) (3) (4) each day he was involved with the show, along with when he arrived in LA, commenting... He arrived in the US, he's heading to LA. He hasn't finished getting ready...

His later comments:
I had the pleasure of interacting with many fans today at AX! I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the American fans. We will use the passion we got for the development of future games! Thank you for the continued support of Digimon games!
We have various events at AX tomorrow as well!
The AX livestream is over! Thanks to everyone who watched. I'm sorry the further fan questions I wanted to answer were cut due to time. LIke the 3rd digital world or Witchelny. I hope we can talk again somewhere.
I wanted to answer more of your questions!
My previous choices were Devimon & LadyDevimon, but when I would wear my Beelzebumon and BeelStarmon shirt to every event, before I know it my choices were Beelzebumon & BeelStarmon. [This is in reference to him commenting his favorite Digimon choice changed.]

And finishing up the new stuff...


July 7th begins the revival raid of Gulfmon for the Vital Bracelet app.

Then we have a bunch of catch up for the week!


An overall explanation of all the Digimon stuff that was happening at AX.

The Bandai-Namco panel, which had a small Survive appearance.

The Survive livestream from AX.


A new English toy focused DigiNavi went up, and was also streamed as part of Bandai's AX presentations.

Ghost Game ED4, used in the newest episode.


DigiFes products!


A Frontier 20th pop-up shop!


The results of the second featured Digimon in Ghost Game poll!

Fun batch for the week with AX and more!


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