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Sep 8, 2006
Time for another batch for the weekend!


After Digimon Ghost Game episode 21 aired, Digimon Web put up social art of GulusGammamon, who returns in the episode. The attached message:
Thanks for watching Digimon Ghost Game episode 21 The Spider's Lure! Thanks for watching!
GulusGammamon is back! Strong & scaryšŸ˜Ø

And then a bit related to Archnemon who appears in this episode...


Director Kakudou made a blog post (2) to celebrate the return of Archnemon.

He mentioned he was curious who would voice Archnemon, and it ended up being Wakana Yamazaki. He was there for the recording and it was the first time he heard her for quite awhile.

He had photos from Jump Festa 2000. He had given them to Noro, the director, for reference usage.

He doesn't seem sure why there are LadyDevimon dancers, but he thought it was amazing to see the giant Arachnemon. Battling her was Angemon, Angewomon,. Rosemon, and Imperialdramon (but just a head portion apparently.)

Yamazaki mentioned they hadn't seen that stage show, and had no idea it existed, but wishes they could see it. Yu Shimamura (Jellymon) & Kazuya Nakai (Angoramon) saw the photos and said they want to be in such a production, not just doing the voices, but being in the costumes.

Kakudou seems a bit surprised the show was actually done. He noted he wrote an article about these images a long time ago, but the image site he used is gone.

Then a bit more from Ghost Game...


March 3rd was Hinamatsuri, the doll festival, and they added some Ghost Game to the display at Digimon TV.

Digimon Web also gave a preview of a much waited evolution in Dreamers...


Yes, it's Bulkmon...'s head as Pulsemon has only sort of evolved.

And a bit of followup on new plushies, and a bit of an oddity with their release...


A bit weird, as when they were announced the show names were in text only, so we weren't sure if it was on purpose or a listing mistake.
Adventure 'and' Adventure: crane game plushes came out the same day a couple days ago in Japan. Various promotional images have the logos and everything, which just seems weird that they came out in tandem.

And then some catchup from throughout the week.


Various anime anniversaries this week, lead off with the 20th Anniversary for Runaway Digimon Express and new social art. On top of that was:
21st Anniversary for Revenge of Diablomon
22nd Anniversary of Digimon Adventure: Children's War Game
23rd Anniversary of the first Digimon Adventure Movie


The March 2022 Digimon Calendar went up.


We have the poll results for "Your Favorite Ghost Game Lead Adult Form".


Then we have the results from Mini-Partners Project- Digidigi Otedama Part 3 Main Characters Who Have Not Yet Been Made into Otedama.

And last up...


The Digimon Con Video Archives are up.

Nice selection of stuff with some fun retro images.


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