Ghost Game Episode 13 Profile Art, Reference Book Update, plus Tamers Anniversary Nearing the End


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Sep 8, 2006
Time for a (small) batch of stuff...


After Digimon Ghost Game episode 13 aired, Digimon Web put up new the profile art of GulusGammamon, who made his first (full) appearance this week. The attached message:
Thanks for watching Digimon Ghost Game episode 13 Executioner!
It involved into GulusGammamon! Unexpected evolutionšŸ˜³
It's now in the reference book!

And as mentioned in that update, GulusGammamon is now in the reference book!

Update- Tenya Yabuno posted some art...


It's the art from the new ED! The attached message:
Episode 13 of Digimon Ghost Game. A new ending, plus a shocking development. I did the illustration for this one as well. I hope you enjoy it!šŸ€

Then we get a small Tamers update...

To celebrate the (nearly the end) of the 20th Anniversary of Digimon Tamers, the Toei Animation Museum Youtube is adding 5 episodes of Tamers every week for free viewing in Japan, with each episode being up for 2 weeks.

The Toei Museum itself added a fun board with Tamers artwork at the museum.

Then a few bits you may have missed...

We have the video for Because I'm Still in Love to This Day by BMK, the new ED to Ghost Game.


Questions about Digimon Video Games for Digimon Con are open for a bit longer, details on how to submit are here.


There was a lot of good art for the New Year, you can find all of it here if you missed it.

Just a small batch this time, a bit of slowness for the New Year isn't bad though.


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