GEM MetalGreymon Figure Introduction with Photos- Pre-orders this week!


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Sep 8, 2006

It hasn't been that long of a wait for GEM MetalGreymon overall since it was announce, and the figure has looked so impressive it's easy to forget we only first found out about him near the end of 2019 and got color images and more details just a month ago.

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure (the 21st Anniversary is this Saturday), pre-orders of GEM MetalGreymon will begun March 6th, this Friday. Megahouse is giving us a preview/intro with images for the figure a few days early via Mega Girls Blog.

They want you to feel the courage of Taichi that powers the figure...

The cool and amazing MetalGreymon appears in the GEM series!

Greymon has super evolved into MetalGreymon and the figure will bring out the emotions you felt when he first appeared against Etemon.


A highlight of this figure is the dynamic posting and modeling!


His mouth is open wide, and the right arm has sharp organic claws.


And you can look right into the mouths interior for a dynamic mega look!


His metal armor looks sharp.

The sculpting is at a mega level that pays close attention to details, such as damage from his battles.


With sharp and stylish metal texture on those parts...

You can see how they coexist with the warmer feeling biological skin.


You can arrange it in series to create the progress of the GEM series for a mega cool feeling!

A mega awesome view! (*^-^*)✨

GEM MetalGreymon will go up for pre-orders on March 6th for 19,000 yen at Premium Bandai, Megatre Shop, the Toei store, and AmiAmi, and is scheduled to ship in September 2020.

This one isn't cheap, but looks rather impressive and seems to have a rather high level of detail. That it finishes off the main line for Adventure Agumon likely means this one will be in high demand.

Previous details of the figure can be found here and here.

Note- At least once they refer to it as a Precious GEM in the Japanese text (seemingly accidentally?) The figure has been tagged as GEM every time we've seen it thus far, and they only mention it as a Precious GEM once, so we will see what it ends up as when pre-orders open.


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Completely digital
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Sep 25, 2014
Wow these GEM figures look absolutely amazing.

Sparrow Hawk

How deep the rabbit-hole goes
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Feb 23, 2007
They sure look great. It's not easy to paint depending on correct shading or lazily painted. Digimon figures need pro paint mostly.