Future Chip sets?


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Feb 17, 2017
United States
It helps when you misquote my second point:
The technique that revealed Dantemon, the unreleased Appmon I mentioned previously, and the God Grades didn't bring up any of the trio to my knowledge.
To answer your question, I thought that the trio were the only Appmon to not be in the Appli Drive but it seems I was wrong and for that I apologize.

The theory however has another hole in it, an individual species of Appmon can have multiple Chips for it and many of them do (e.g. Gatchmon for example has ten unique Chips with three even appearing in Appli Monsters, DoGatchmon has nine, Globemon has eight, and Gaiamon has the fewest in that line at two).

It's possible that Tapmon, Swipemon, and Flickmon will each be treated as just one species that has seven Chips.
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