Fun Digica Episode 16- Booster 1 Unboxing, Plus Stream Tonight & New Printable Playmat


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Sep 8, 2006

Episode 16 of Fun Digica went up earlier.

With the release of Booster Set 1 New Evolution, in Japan today, the new episode of Fun Digica has the hosts each unpack a booster box to see what cards they will get.

A few screenshots.

In addition, a livestream was announced for later today...

The livestream will be on May 15th at 7pm in Japan (3am Pacific, more times here) and feature matches using digital cameras (remote play.)

They don't link to a specific video url yet, just the Digimon Card Game Youtube channel.

And last up, a new printable playmat!

This time the playmat features the Omegamon art that's used on the packaging and marketing for the Booster Set (along with the Omegamon card.)

You get the playmat by doing a questionnaire about getting the game. We've gone ahead and extracted the image from the PDF and put it in the gallery under promo items for the new card game. The image embeds above are a smaller version, but clicking it links to the full size ones so you can use and print it.

The left size one is output quite larger, with the border layouts intact, but the images and a number of other assets are pixelated since it's larger than they were embedded in the file. The right size has been optimized for image quality.

Booster Set 1 is out in Japan. Images of all the cards can be found here.

Booster Set 2 Ultimate Power is out in July, it can be pre-ordered at HLJ. (Not an affiliate link, it does show it came from WtW.) Details of that set can be found here.

Previous Episodes of Fun Digica:



I come from the net
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Apr 28, 2019
Seattle, Washington
catch me in the public library printing my Omegamon playmat because I don't own a printer :cool:


I'm a Maniac
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Apr 3, 2020
Ive been hearin the card packs are ALREADY sold out
is this a good thing since they are all sellin super good, or a bad thing because they just didnt stock enough?
been seein a ton of people complaining about bandai's product stocking, but i think the card game would fall under carddass stockings? i dunno


Junior Commander
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Jun 8, 2016
Well it is the first ever booster, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be more conservative for a first printing, especially now. Since they’ve already announced a second printing on literally day one, we’ll probably see product get stocked up soon enough. Hopefully they’ll have a better idea of how much demand there is now.