Full Music Video for Unidentified Airship, Career Along update, plus Digivolving Spirits Sale


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Sep 8, 2006
A few different updates for now...

First up, to celebrate the release of the CD single for Unidentified Airship by Takayoshi Tanimoto, the opening theme to Digimon Adventure:, the full version of the music video for the song has been put up.

The short version was first shown during DigiFes and then uploaded later.


The CD single for Unidentified Airship is out today in Japan. On top of the opening, it also includes both Adventure: insert songs we've heard so far. The tracklist is:
Unidentified Airship, the OP theme
Be the Winners, the insert/battle song used for Adult levels
X-Treme Fight, the insert/battle song used for MetalGreymon (and likely future Perfect levels.)
It will also include Karaoke versions of all 3 tracks.

Pre-orders are up at CDJapan for the CD. (affiliate link.)

Prior details about this release can be found here, here, and here.

One more music update.


Career Along, the best of album for Takayoshi Tanimoto, is also out, and is digital only. Those in Japan can find a list of storefronts selling and streaming it here.

We previously knew it would include Unidentified Airship, along with Dark Knight -The Invincible Champion- from Xros Wars. Another Digimon song is on the final tracklist, Evolution & Digixros ver. Kiriha, also from Xros Wars.

And last up...


Bluefin, the US distributor of many Digimon figures, currently has 2 Digivolving Spirits figures as their deal of the day.
Alphamon is $42.50
AtlurKabuterimon is $36.00


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