Fourth Digimon Adventure: Blu-ray and DVD Box Announced for September 3rd, Pre-Orders Open


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006

Toei has announced initial details for the fourth Blu-ray and DVD box for Digimon Adventure:!

The fourth box will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 3rd, 2021.

It will include episodes 37 through 48 on 2 discs.

The box will have new artwork, same as prior boxes, and picture labels on the discs.

For physical items, it will also include another special booklet.

On disc extras announced, for now, are just an unspecified clean ending (which I think we can be reasonably certain is the fourth end theme from the show, 'Overseas Highway')

The price will be the same as prior sets- 15,200 yen for Blu-ray and 11,200 yen for DVD.

A few exclusives have been ordered if you order from specific stores.

The set of 2 bromide prints are for if you order from Rakuten.

The Yamato acrylic stand is if you purchased both sets 3 and 4 from Animate.

Pre-orders are open for the fourth box at CDJapan: (affiliate links)
Digimon Adventure: Blu-ray Box 4
Digimon Adventuer: DVD Box 4

Pre-orders are still open for the third box at CDJapan. It's out on June 2nd: (affiliate links)
Digimon Adventure: Blu-ray Box 3
Digimon Adventuer: DVD Box 3

The first and second box are out and can also still be ordered: (Affiliate links)
Digimon Adventure: Blu-ray Box 1
Digimon Adventure: DVD Box 1
Digimon Adventure: Blu-ray Box 2
Digimon Adventure: DVD Box 2



I'm a Maniac
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Nov 8, 2016
Yeah I couldn't see myself paying $137 per Bluray set.. that's unfortunately the reason why I did not buy the Japanese Zoids Wild Bluray boxes. (as much as I really want them.) Way too expensive. Same with the DVD sets for Adventure 2020. $101 and that's before fees and such.