Forum and Site Updates- May 2014


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
Me and lost spent a decent chunk of time doing a bunch of updates to the backend of the site.

Everything is now as up to date as it can be, with a bit of cleaning up on the side.

The new version of the forum should be slightly smoother, but I don't believe there are any notable new features (I notice a white linebox around the post box, but that's all I've noticed.)

I believe we have everything working as it should be (the portal and the theme fought us a bit though...)

It appears we received a small complimentary hardware update from the hosting company. Not enough for anything major, but enough that things should run a bit smoother hopefully.

So with a bit of extra hardware, anything we should try and do in the near future?

Feel free to make suggestions, here a few to get you started if you want...

Update us to the shiny new vb5 forum software.
Look at various plugins to add features to the forum (having two factor authorization seems like something it would be nice to have for security reasons, but not sure it's necessary.)
Perhaps look at getting Card Terminal back up?

Thoughts and suggestions for this, or anything else on the forum/site?

If you notice anything wrong please let us know. While we didn't notice any issues, it's possible we missed something.