First Look at Box Art for Digivolving Spirits BlackWarGreymon


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Sep 8, 2006
Pre-orders for this have been open for just a few days, but we've gotten a ton of info so far!

Image Thumbnail (custom)

And now we get our first look at the new artwork being made for the box of Digivolving Spirits BlackWarGreymon!

As expected, and previously announced, it's an entirely new drawing by Kenji Watanabe.

First up (as see above), a large rough drawing of the pose and overall composition.

There is no BlackAgumon that appeared in the anime at the time, so they consider it a bit unique and precious that it's being done for the product art.

They already see it as impressive at this stage, with you able to feel momentum and the energy of the characters.

Kenji Watanabe always ends up looking at, and going over the figure in detail for the final image so that it's properly represented in the artwork. While they don't mention it, one of the touches this times appears to be that the pose BlackAgumon is in, is very similiar to one that both Agumon and BlackAgumon have been posed in for promotional photos for Digivolving Spirits.

They also decided to design it so that if the box is displayed next to the one for WarGreymon, it allows them to face off like when they fought in Digimon Adventure 02.

They go over the overall balance and colors of the images, taking into account things like where the logo will go, etc. and the image gets refined, including little tweaks to the pose.

Just the other day Kenji Watanabe sent a (slightly less) rough line drawing.

Image Thumbnail (custom)

The fine lines change the overall look of the drawing to the prior rough. There is also more details on things like his thighs which suggest his overall power. They consider it really cool.

They are thankful that Kenji Wataabe always thinks about what will look cool, along with the feelings of the planning staff, for his artwork for the figures.

More looks at the packaging for Digivolving Spirits BlackWarGreymon will occasionally show up in the leadup to the release of the figure.

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The US release of BlackWarGreymon will be released in May 2019 for $65. Pre-orders are currently up at Amazon: (affiliate link)
Digivolving Spirits #08 BlackWarGreymon at Amazon USA
Japanese orders for BlackWarGreymon will have to go through an intermediary.

Thanks to shin and garm for some translation help.

Previous details about the figure can be found here.

And if you want to order or pre-order other Digivolving Spirits...

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Nov 3, 2017
"Dumb old stupid texas"
It would be nice if black wargreymon was brought back as black agumon in the newest Digimon adventure project that takes place after tri, they could even give him a partner to help him get back to his full power

it's just so cool that they decided to do a black wargreymon digivolving toy after all these years


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Feb 17, 2017
United States
?? I'm pretty sure that a digivolving figure of BlackWarGreymon existed when 02 came out in the west since I remember buying it as a preteen.