Figure-rise Standard Amplified Omegamon in Full Color, Plus Price & Release Info!


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Sep 8, 2006
Another quick update!

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After first being seen a few days ago at Wonder Festival Shanghai 2019, and just a few minutes after WarGreymon, we already have details for Figure-rise Standard Amplified Omegamon, which is also on display this weekend.

No nice promotional art yet, but we do have the figure in color!

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The coloring on this one appears a bit rougher than the rather immaculate WarGreymon, but it still looks nice (either not painted at all, just using the colored plastic, or with some quick paint touch ups.)

The kit is heavily based on Digimon Reboot Omegamon, a previous kit, with the primary larger differences being around his waist, along with a new head.

On top of the images, we have release information also.

Figure-rise Standard Amplified Omegamon is planned release this October for 4,320 yen (tax included.) Same price as the WarGreymon kit.

Already having details for the two kits we know about, hopefully we will see more soon!

Thanks to amiami for the images.

Update- More images from Dengeki Hobby and yuhi_bass.

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The display refers to how the new series of Figure-rise Standard will amplify how characters look, while pursuing a great look as a model, but not remembering to emphasize elements that would be recognizable from the original work.

Update- Slightly over to the side where WarGreymon is shown, and thanks to a photo from HobbyJapan_MAG, and translations by onkei, we have a bit more information, along with that we now know As' Maria is involved

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As' Maria's comment- The Figure-rise Standard WarGreymon (AMPLIFIED) has been announced for sale, congratulations! I was asked to help with the development of it. The concept of it was "show the model of an original design," which I interpreted as "Then let's add more fun play elements to it that you'd only find in a plamo!" [plastic model] and quickly made several design proposals. This new series never stops [evolving] like Digimon do. I look forward to future information on it, not only as a developer but as a user myself!