Fifth (and Final) Digimon Adventure: Blu-ray and DVD Box Announced for February 2nd, Pre-Orders Open


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Sep 8, 2006

Toei has announced initial details (2) (3) for the fifth and final Blu-ray and DVD box for Digimon Adventure:!

The fifth box will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on February 2nd, 2022.

It will include episodes 49 through 67 on 3 discs. This finishes off the series with a few extra episodes on this set than prior releases.

The box will have new artwork, same as prior boxes, and picture labels on the discs.

For physical items, it will also include another special booklet.

On disc extras announced, for now, are just an unspecified clean ending (which would be the final ED, Dreamers by Ateez.)

The final set includes a few more episodes than prior sets and the price is also a decent bit higher- 24,200 yen for Blu-ray and 18,200 yen for DVD.

A few exclusives have been announced for if you order from specific stores.

A set of 2 bromide prints are for if you order from Rakuten. No previews of this yet.
An acrylic stand is if you purchased it from Animate. The text suggests it'll be a stand featuring the 2nd key art for the series.

Pre-orders should open shortly.

Prior boxes are out and can also still be ordered: (Affiliate links)
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