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Apr 15, 2019
Stuff like Juri/Ryou always strikes me as stuff from people who always ship the main cast off together and these were just leftovers one way or another.
Yes. 100%. Pair the Spares. I mean, you have 3 guys and 2 girls. Plus with Kazu/Kenta being a pair(come on, like you never thought of it), you have a spare person.
Depends on if you include Alice (Or if you include her if you include Ryou) or not. Then it evens out.

not saying it has to be always 'pair the spares', I'm sure there are some good arguments for it, just saying it feels that way sometimes.

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
I kind of don't want to include Ryo at all. But that would work. At least we have these three season done. ...Except for Davis. But oh well.

Jaybird C

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Jul 20, 2017
I always thought Alice was dead too, if not somewhat implied IIRC so that might need a creative workaround if that's the case.
If we assume Alice is dead (which Konaka has certainly allowed for even if he hasn't confirmed), then the Tamers-verse benefits from directly opening up the afterlife as a possible dimension of future stories to be told, especially since Tamers made such a big deal of flipping the permadeath switch on. (As a tangent, Tamers was also the generation that Anubimon debuted in via the D-Arc v-pets, so that's another useful element). This opens up potential stories about not just Alice, but Juri and even Mayumi, whose partners have all died.

If we assume she isn't, that still leaves open possible stories about how she got involved with Dobermon and the Sovereigns and how she was separated from the McCoy family. Personally, I gravitate to this assumption more, because the ideas that suggest themselves to me (i.e. the Digimon somehow getting ahold of or maybe even kidnapping the descendant of the chief of their creator-deities* and using her for their own ends) strikes me as a kind of inter-dimensional witchcraft. If nothing else, a story where Takato Matsuda gets to meet Keith McCoy would be very welcome.

To get this back on topic, I can see two real options for shipping (or, at least, a relationship with dramatic potential) for Alice; the main options are Jian, another child of the Monster Makers who got caught up in digimon affairs, and Ryo, extrapolating from their long psychological isolation from other human beings in the digital world with only their partner digimon for company.

* Rob McCoy led the Monster Maker project and we know from Digimon Tamers 1984 that Keith McCoy produced the original designs for the monsters, so the McCoys are by rights a very important family to the digital world.