Fanfic: Digimon ShinXros! Original cast, deep world, and tactical non-mechanical xros


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Dec 3, 2013
This fic is already two chapters in and too large to post an entire chapter here, so I'll paste as much as I can here of chapter one and provide a link to the rest! Be sure to review and fav it over on for me, rather than just here!

A pink hue hovers over the eastern horizon of a nearly silent forest. Not the chirp of any bird nor the chattering of a mouse or squirrel could be heard, only the faint, omni-present echo of static and white noise. This noise would be the first thing a young man would come to recognize as he wakes on the dirt floor of a small clearing amongst these woodlands, opening weary blue eyes beneath thin-rimmed glasses and overgrown chocolate brown locks. Waking into a stupor of blurred senses, he rolls to his right and props himself up, slowly climbing to his feet. Taking a moment to collect himself, he wipes the dirt from his black, loose-fit cargo shorts and crimson button-up, covering the majority of a white tee. As the static finally registers, he peers around to find himself in a dirt-floored forest, surrounded by towering trees with trunks seeming to range from thin enough to get his arms around to so thick it would take the will of a god to make them budge.

But from here is when he began to grow concerned. The trees themselves looked unnatural, the pink hues of the rising sunlight reflecting off shimmering surfaces of petrified jade wood, barkless and untouched. Yet, the wood seemed to grow around the most unnatural detail yet, glass screens flickering combinations of static and randomized video clips lying hidden beneath gaps in the wood, producing a constant ambience of white noise. The young man’s unkempt eyebrows curl as he steps up for a closer look, feeling over the tree’s surface as he struggles to accept what he’s seeing. As he’d feared, he meets the sensation of smoothed, glass-like stone as he drags his fingertips across the petrified surface, then finding a faint vibration against his skin as he brings them across the flickering screen.

Confusion and wonder are quickly overshadowed as his eyes widen and he steps back in a rush and turns his eyes to the sky, up past the metallic leaves above, to what little of the sky could be found. High above, he is greeted with this sight of two moons of sandy red and golden yellow upon a backdrop of a violet sky tainted by patches of green pixilation. His jaw slowly drops as he takes in the morning sky, the pixelated segments growing dimmer and less recognizable as the sun peeks over the horizon, bringing a faint tinge of orange with it. As all the signs slowly sink in, a plethora of questions explode within his mind, but only a small expletive escapes his lips.
“Son of a bi-“

Chapter One: Rude Awakening

“Yo! Is somebody over there?!” He turns abruptly and stares as a young woman steps through the bushes to his left. Her auburn locks hang down to just beneath her shoulder blades, some draped over her shoulders and down the front of a black hoodie. It’s left open with a violet blouse beneath, just above a pair of slightly baggy denim jeans and a pair of sandals. “Well, finally I find signs of life. Questions is, is it intelligent?”

The young man in red gives her a faint glare and shoves his hands in his pockets. “Charming… so I’m guessing you’ve got no clue how ya got here either, right?”
The unnamed girl cocks an eyebrow, but as the question registers, she groans and slumps over. “So you’re telling me you don’t know? Damnit, the last thing I remembered was walkin down to my fridge for a late-night snack and some crazy light goes off, then I wake up in this stupid forest!”

“Hey, you’re not the only one. I just can’t remember what I was last doing before I got here…” He scratches at his head as he turns to peek around, taking in the landscape. “If anything, you and I should get moving, try to find civilization. I’m pretty sure I hear a river or stream down that way. If we follow that downstream, it might lead to a road or a town.”
“Oh, so the runt’s a boy scout?”

He flails back towards her almost frantically. “Oy, I’m no runt! And it’s just common sense, you’re clearly lacking it…” He turns back and marches through the brush, headed downhill beneath a thick canopy of crystallized branches and metallic leaves.

A few moments of silence pass until he feels a gentle impact to his left arm, peeking to his left to see the young woman had caught up. “Gotta say, I like ya so far… Name’s Atsuko Haruka.”

Taking a moment to peek back to her before turning his gaze forward once more, he finally finds the will to be civil. “Hibiki… Hibiki Ayumu.”

“Hibiki? Well shit, what’s a dumbass like you doin here?” Freezing up and looking to his right, Hibiki sees two more new and far less welcome arrivals. The first, and the speaker, is a young man in well-kept and proper clothing, looking like a private school uniform complete with navy blazer, white button-up, and black pants with a clean crease along the front. His jet black hair is just a tad long and hanging over his brow. The only odd part of his visage was what appeared to be a badly damaged police badge pinned under his blazer, though mostly hidden. Hibiki knew him well already, an old classmate from a few years back named Katsurou Ken’ichi.

The last of them was unknown to him, though. She was a young woman whose choice of attire was almost blinding. A nearly neon green bandana tied her blonde hair into place, matching a long green skirt reaching halfway down her shins with a layered split down on her right. Her formerly stark white sneakers had clearly seen better days, a deep contrast to her spotless dandelion blouse. Just as Katsurou finished speaking, she huffs and casts a glare at him. “Hey, don’t talk to him that way! W-Whoever he is…”

“Chouko!” Atsuko rushes over and pulls her into a hug. “Thank god you’re ok! I-It’s too bad you’re here, wherever this is, but…”

“I-It’s ok, Atsuko! I’m glad to see you too. But… seriously where are we?” She turns to Hibiki, who just shrugs, turns, and keeps walking. “.. He’s… not too sociable, is he?” Atsuko sighs and shakes her head, slowly letting go and following him downhill. “No, but he seems to know what he’s doing. There’s running water down this way, we’re gonna follow it till we find some help. Come on, the sooner we’re back home, the better.”

“I don’t think we’ll be getting home any time soon, guys.” All heads turn to Hibiki, who by then had stopped at the edge of the trees, looking out and up.

“And why the hell would that be-…?” Katsurou steps through the treeline and into the light just in time to see the two moons high above and the last few patches of pixelation fading out of view, Atsuko and Chouko right behind him. To top off this bizarre view, the river directly ahead through a small clearing was clearly flowing uphill. “What… the shit is this?”

“This is either an impossibly elaborate prank, a shared hallucination if such a thing is even possible… or we’re on another planet, possibly another universe.” Hibiki steps into the field and peeks around, all discernible expression driven from his face, as the three at his back stumble out, stammering almost inaudibly.

“There’s no way in hell this is real…” Atsuko mumbles, stepping up to check the river more closely. But, halfway there, her thoughts and those of everyone else are cut short by a deep chuckling from behind the tree line. Chouko nearly jumps ten feet into the air and away from the forest, while the rest stick to just turning, though pretty quickly. Stepping out from behind the tree line is a five foot tall and eight foot long red-furred canine with a thin two foot snout housing an array of razor blade fangs, limbs and torso wrapped in a collection of belts and leather straps.

“Well, isn’t this a pleasant surprise. My boss puts out the orders to find you brats no more than ten minutes ago, and I’ve already found you…” He slowly begins to circle the group, driving them into a smaller area as they back away.

“And why exactly is your boss looking for us? A-And… w-what the fuck are you?” Katsurou clenches his fists, staring them down, but visibly trembling as he backs up towards Chouko and Atsuko. Hibiki though, remains where he is, his former stoicism mostly unaltered, only developing a slight glare.

“Oh, where are my manners?” The wolf chuckles to himself once more. “I am Ricardo. My species is known as Fangmon, one of the innumerable species of Digimon that inhabit this universe as the dominant and technically only beings, save for you now and that foolish old man Gennai… As for what my boss wants…” His circling stops abruptly as he turns to look them all right in the eyes. “Your heads on a platter. You have five seconds… make this fun for me.”

Needing no further cue, the four children turn and sprint in the opposite direction. Hibiki is clearly just a bit slower than the rest, falling behind by a good fifteen feet by the end of those five seconds and leaving him as the weak link and Ricardo’s obvious target. Within a second, he could feel the air rushing around the Fangmon’s claws baring down on his neck. He slowly turns to face this impending doom with surprisingly cold and calm eyes, seeing sword-like claws mere inches from him-

Only for a golden brown blur to burst from the trees and tackle Ricardo towards the river. Hearing Ricardo’s yelp as his ribs receive a clawing, the faster three look back and skid to a stop. Between a collapsed Hibiki and the infuriated Fangmon was a lion cub creature with a tuft of red fur atop his head and a silver, studded ring around his neck with a ruby pendant. “Back off, Ricardo!” Raising his head and puffing out his chest, a holographic image projects from his pendant of a badge of some sort. “As a Virus Buster of Datapool, it’s my duty to inform you that you’ve been charged with the consumption of a cluster of fertilized resurrection eggs, the attempted murder of the new Chosen, and several unpaid bar tabs! Your sentence is death, and it’s my duty to carry out that sentence!”

Ricardo falls still and silent for several moments… before laughing his ass off and nearly rolling onto his side. “What the shit Gurren, did you take half the night reciting that to get it down?”

Said cub’s ears droop as his brow furls. “Hey, bein a Virus Buster requires a lot of discipline, not like you’d get what that means…” His ears lift once more as he digs his claws into the dirt, shifting into a sprinting stance. “Now, are you gonna sit still and die quietly?”

“Are you kiddin, runt?” Richard snorts to himself as he slowly stalks round towards the forest, Gurren’s eyes following him with every step. “What the hell’s a JUNIOR officer gonna do to me? Try evolving before you bother to take on someone my level.”

“Oh, I know I can’t take you alone.” At this, Ricardo stops in his tracks and raises an eyebrow with his back to the woods. “THEMIS, NOW!”

On his cue, a violet blur leaps out from the branches and over the Fangmon’s head, multiple bursts of fire erupting across his back and shoulders. As it lands on his other side, skidding back to halfway between the river and the tree line, this blur is revealed to be a short humanoid creature with a stark white face and violet silky fur, a faint hourglass figure, bent and pointed ears, black gloves and boots, topped off with the alchemical symbol for sulfur inverted and wrapped in a heart printed on her chest. “Nice speech, kitten, but you really need to cut it down a bit.” Just as Ricardo leaps in to claw her in half, she cartwheels off to her left and away from Gurren, surrounding him.

“I knew I had to give you time to get into position.” With Ricardo distracted by the Impmon’s grand motions, Gurren rushes in and swipes at his legs, claws digging in and tearing at ligaments. Despite one of his legs being weakened, Ricardo swings around and claws at Gurren in return, nearly cleaving him in half, only to leave a decent gash on his left flank. Skidding to a stop, the lion cub groans and leaps away from a second attack, towards the woods and away from Themis. With his attention averted once more, Themis pelts him with a small collection of bright blue magical bullets, which explode into patches of ice in his fur. As this dance of misdirection continues, Hibiki remains on the ground and watching in awe, propping himself up with his elbows.

“ALRIGHT, THAT’S IT!” Ricardo whirls around and bolts for Themis, right paw raised. “I’m taking your life first! SNIPE STEAL!” His claw bolts out nearly as fast as Themis’ bullets, only to meet a very powerful fire bullet just as it leaves the barrel. The resulting explosion leaves the Fangmon’s paw burnt, but Themis is sent flying backwards and nearly over the banks and into the river, skidding to a stop just before the slope. Taking advantage of her downed state, he inhales deeply and forms a thick black mist in the back of his throat. “BLAST COFFIN!” Just as he exhales, Gurren leaps in the way and body checks his muzzle, averting his aim to his right and causing the initial blast to miss drastically, landing in the river with explosive force. But, he was far from done, pushing Gurren over towards Themis and unleashing a howl with the force of an industrial fan, threatening to push them back into the river.

Hibiki watches his would-be saviors failing with his mouth agape and ignorant to his own trembling. Almost instinctively, he pushes himself up onto foot and knee, clenching his fists. For just a moment, a crimson aura forms around his right hand, and in turn, around Gurren as he digs his claws into the dirt and stands his ground. Step by step, he pushes forward through the gale, until his eyes light up with righteous fury. “HISATSUGA!” (CERTAIN KILL FANG) Leaping in as though the gale around him were a gentle breeze, he digs his fangs deep into Ricardo’s throat and halts his attack instantly. With a quick wrenching of his entire body, Gurren is left with his back to the Fangmon and an orb of blackened data between his fangs. Just as Ricardo peeks down to Gurren from the corner of his eyes, exhaling his last breath, the Liollmon crushes his foe’s core between his fangs, causing Ricardo to explode as a cloud of loose pixels.

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