Fan Theory on Digimon and Appmon Programming


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Dec 28, 2012
As seen in Episode 45 of Digimon Universe: WarGreymon is made of Binary code, just like all Digimon are. Appmon are made from recent programming language, and you can see this in the body of the two in the image. We can say that the App are more advanced Digimon.

I think the most valid thing is to say that digimons are written in assembly, which is the most basic language in which everything is 0 and 1 (to simplify the explanation). All other programming languages ​​are ways of trying to leave more natural (in relation to the speech and logic of human thinking) schedules. Appmons can be made up of these newer languages.

Let's see. A newer, compiled program can easily be made into an assembly, since instructions in the so-called machine-language have not changed since its invention. (That is, every program in any language becomes assembly, in the end).
But writing something straight into assembly is something phenomenally complicated, especially when you want to do something already complicated like applications. It would be something like lifting a building using only toothpicks, one by one being that you can only carry one toothpick at a time and if it does not work you have to check toothpick for toothpick.

With a newer programming language, you can schedule more things, faster, with more functionality and better app-app and app-machine integration, since raw work is pre-made in the compiler and pre-existing databases (Including old ones already in assembly)

So I would say that appmons can do things bigger and different than the digimons, but digimons can be more robust.

If you take a toothpick out of a building, it may give you an error, but it does not fall. If you strip a programming line from an app, it does not spin.

Besides, a database exists because it exists, it does not need anything. An app with no access to your database does not work either.

So an appmon being made of something more recent makes it more modern and complex, therefore with greater capacity latent, quick to be created, but with the disadvantage of being able to be more fragile. In addition to having to "rotate" in a recent system.

A Digimon is more robust, more resistant, but difficult and time consuming to create. And they can run on any existing machine.

We could consider that the Digimon are more robust, and difficult to create, that would mean that the Digimon take longer to evolve (I think that there comes the matter of digimon like Tailmon that passed years until adulthood) but when it evolves its brute force Is higher than the app.

Appmon has more hidden power that can be released to use more simply, but would need a database, this database in my view would be the app-gatai that an appmon does with another to evolve, in the case of Globemon for example, the part coming from Gatchmon would be the main app, and the others involved in the merger would be the database without which Globemon does not "spin".

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Sep 8, 2006
As was said the last time you posted some of this, a lot of this you've just decided how it works on your own without always using information given from the show itself. I've renamed the topic to be more accurate to what the subject is.

Also, some of your details are wrong.

The one that stuck out the most is... assembly is 'not' the exact same thing as binary.