Fade Away [Adventure 02 sequel FANFIC]

Hikari Motomiya

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Aug 6, 2018
Hello everyone! I did fall out of love of the Adventure-verse for a long time but with the Digimon Adventure (2020) reboot and the Kizuna: Last Evolution movie, my love has come back stronger than ever. I still loved the idea and premise behind Fade Away. It was the first story I ever wrote because I wanted to write it and not to please anyone. I got a lot of love for it too, so I didn’t have the heart to delete it from the site. Through this story, I aim to connect to the 02 epilogue so it won’t declare anything (except Tri) to be non-canon. Just saying, Sorato and Kenyako are definite pairings and for those who have read this before, they know the other pairings too.

My writing style has changed a lot since then and I have grown both as a person and a writer. To all those people who supported me before, this revision, this rewrite is for you. To all my friends who have supported me as a friend and a writer, this is for you as well. I would like to give a special shout-out to my good friend ‘Neo-Mini-Tails’ as we have reached 7 years of our friendship. So happy belated anniversary, my friend. Friends are the family we choose and you truly are my family.

And finally, I want to dedicated this to my grandmama who has passed away very recently. She and I watched the Puppetmon episode together when I was 13 years old and she made me love little Takeru because she loved him so much. Grandmama, this is for you, for giving me hope in even the darkest of times.

Thank you to ‘coolgamer’ for betareading this chapter for me.


1. Withering

A lot can change in seven years. Friends can drift apart, especially in today’s day and age. The original team, including T.K. and Kari remained in Japan. Davis, Ken and Cody have moved to New York in pursuit of their own careers whilst Yolei had moved to Spain for further studies. Despite the distance, the team has remained closer than ever.

The Digimon had returned to the digital world and for a few years, the Chosen Children had kept in touch, visiting the digital world or when they couldn’t – the Digimon would come to spend some time in the real world. It was also a good way to visit each other whilst being in different countries through a digital gate despite the fact that they all spoke on the phone or video-called at least once every week.

However, this was not to last. The gates closed suddenly and no matter what Izzy tried, they would not open up. It had been four years since then and though no one spoke about it, not having the Digimon with them anymore was definitely a sore point for all of them.

Currently, Tai Kamiya was sitting in the cafeteria of his university with some of his classmates who were all talking about their future. He would have joined in but without Agumon, there didn’t seem to be a point in it. It was odd – a couple of months ago, everything had been so different. It was almost like he had a goal to work towards.

“You want to study to do what?” Matt had asked him, staring at him as if he had grown two heads.

“International Relations!” Tai said simply. “I want to try and find a way where humans and Digimon can live together in peace, so I feel like I’d need to go into politics for that first.”

“If you want to create a world like that, wouldn’t it better to be go into research?” Izzy asked with a small frown. “So, you could understand what the world needs to be able to understand Digimon better than they do right now?”

“I feel like if I can get into a good position in the Japanese government, I can become a diplomat and bring humans and Digimon together,” Tai said enthusiastically, pumping a fist. “I mean, wouldn’t it be amazing if people actually understood that yeah there were bad Digimon who tried to destroy the world, but most of them are not like that, you know?”

Sora smiled softly. “I think you can do anything you set your mind to, Tai. I know how determined you can be, so go on and try. Besides, that is a good goal.”

Agumon smiled. “Yeah, I know Tai can definitely do that no matter what happens. Hold onto your courage and don’t let anything stop you, ok Tai?”

Tai beamed at his partner. “Of course! As long as I have you, Agumon, I can get anything I want done.”

Somehow, those words could not have been truer, especially now because more than anything else in the world because now that he didn’t have Agumon anymore, nothing seemed as easy. He would struggle to make his assignments on time and have to constantly ask for extensions. This was adding into the fact that he no longer lived with his parents, so he had all the privacy and his own routine. But without Agumon, was there any point in trying when there was no certainty that he’d ever see his best friend again? It’s not like me to be such a pessimist, I’m taking Matt’s job. The light joke did not bring any humour as his fist clenched, thinking about everything. They still didn’t know why the gates had closed.

“Tai! Tai!” His classmate Mao waved a hand in front of his face and he snapped out of it, blinking.

“Yeah, what is it?” Tai asked.

“There’s smoke coming out of your bag,” Mao said, her blue eyes watching him in concern. Tai stared at her for a moment before looking to his bag and his eyes widened, quickly scurrying and pulling out all his books. He didn’t realise what was burning so he scattered his books across the floor but what he saw made his heart drop into his stomach.

Amidst the mess lay the Crest of Courage. The light of it was completely faded but more than that, it was like someone had thrown it into a furnace because it was a charcoal colour, smoke coming out of it.

“What is that?” Tai’s other classmate Ryoko asked him but he couldn’t reply to either of them and quickly shoved all his books back in his bag, trying to grab a hold of his Crest but let out a cry as it burnt his hand.

“Tai, be careful,” Mao scolded him. “That thing whatever it is, it's burned badly, you should throw it away.”

Tai shook his head. “I can’t. It’s important to me. Guys, can you cover for me? There’s somewhere important I have to take this somehow. I’m sorry, I know skipping classes isn’t good for me right now.” He knew he was talking fast so it would be a surprise if the others even understood what he was saying right now. He didn’t know how to calm down though, even now, being 21 years old. Agumon’s face shifted in the back of his mind and he pushed that down. He couldn’t overthink it. He needed to get his Crest to Izzy and ask him what had happened. His friend would know. His friend always had the answers no matter what.

“Dude, you can’t actually be thinking of carrying that burnt hunk of metal out of here, can you?” Ryoko said, raising an incredulous eyebrow at him.

“I don’t care if I burn my hand,” Tai said, knowing it was impulsive of him to do so. He wasn’t a child anymore but Agumon came before anything else.

“Idiot,” Mao said, shaking her head and Tai had to admit she freakishly sounded a lot like Sora when she said that especially with that expression. “You don’t have to be so stupid about this. We can cover for you but here.” She took out a spare paper shopping bag and handed it to him. “Scoop up the metallic thing in this and then go wherever you like. I’ll send you the notes.”

Tai smiled now but did as she said. “Thanks, Mao. And you too, Ryoko, thanks.” The Crest was lightly burning the bag but hopefully, he’d have it to Izzy before it completely wore a hole in the bag, right? He hurried out of there, deciding to call Izzy to see if the other could meet him just in case he didn’t make it before the bag was completely destroyed. Luckily, his friend picked up within a few rings.

“Tai, is everything ok?” Izzy’s voice did sound a little puzzled. “I mean, I have a day off, but you have University today, don’t you?”

“Izzy, I’m headed to your place right now, but I might not make it there in time,” Tai was speaking in a rush again because the smell of smoke was beginning to get to him.

“Tai, calm down,” Izzy cut through him before he could continue. “What is happening exactly?”

Tai exhaled, trying to breathe and calm down. “It’s my Crest. It’s faded away but more than that, it’s like somebody lit a fire over it or something because it’s burning. Why would that happen?” Him losing the motivation to make his dreams come true surely wasn’t enough to make his Crest go haywire, was it?

Izzy was quiet for a few minutes before he finally spoke again. “Can you bring your Crest to me so I can examine it and try to figure out what’s wrong? Our Crests represent the innate feelings in our hearts.”

“I’m trying,” Tai said, a trace of irritation coming into his tone. “But I’ve put the Crest into a paper bag, and I’m worried it won’t last till I get to your place, so I dunno, can I share my location with you, and you can meet me halfway or something?”

“Of course,” Izzy replied immediately, and shuffling could be heard on the other end of the line. “I’ll bring out my own Crest too…oh no.” There was silence on the other hand, which did not help with Tai’s already rising panic.

“Izzy, you can’t just say ‘oh no’ when I’m already freaked out,” Tai snapped slightly, causing people to turn and stare but he ignored them, focusing on the phone call as his grip around the object tightened. “What happened?”

“Tai, my crest has faded away too, it’s completely dull and while it’s not burning or blowing smoke, it also doesn’t have the same shine that it usually does,” Izzy said frowning. “Stay where you are, I’m calling an emergency meeting and even though everyone may not be able to come, since not all of us are in the country. Share your location with me and I’ll find something to wrap your crest in, then we’ll come back to my house. We’ll take the younger Chosen on video call if we have to, because having as much of the Chosen present here is necessary.”

Tai nodded. “Okay, yeah, you’re right. I’ll get off the phone and do that.” Somehow, the fact that the other Chosen Children were being gathered made his heart stop racing even despite the fact that it meant something big might be on the horizon. “See you soon, Izzy.” He hung up, sharing his location, thoughts drifting to Agumon again. Agumon, whatever’s going on, just hang in there, ok?
Since she had woken up, Kari had felt her heart sink in dread as if something terrible was on the horizon. She rubbed her eyes, having not had the best night and if Tai still lived here, then she might have talked to him to lighten her own mind. A part of her debated calling T.K. but he might be busy with his novel although he wouldn’t mind if she called him. Before she could debate on whether to make the call or not, her phone rang.

Her lips quirked into a smile as she realised Davis was calling her. Did he ever sleep? He sometimes called her at the oddest hours when it was likely 3 in the morning over there, not that she minded of course. Because while Davis may call her during on his middle of the night, it was usually always outside her sleeping times. She answered the call, pressing it against her ear.

“Morning, Kari!” Davis’s cheerful voice came on the other end. “Did you sleep well?”

Kari laughed a little. “Yeah, I slept okay. How are you doing?”

“Awesome!” Davis replied. “I also got some new ideas from the type of ramen that my future franchise will sell, want to hear it?”

“Of course,” Kari replied, suddenly wide awake and it was like it didn’t even matter that she hadn’t slept all that great last night. Davis’s passion was always contagious especially when he was talking about his dream. He had done a lot of short courses and looked around different things, along with Ken, so she always wanted to make sure to encourage that. Food brought people together after all and Davis already had such a natural ability to do that, even without the use of different foods.

“Well, I was thinking of having different options for different kinds of people,” Davis began, sounding genuinely thoughtful. “I mean, I was talking to Ken about it earlier, but I want my business to be an international franchise. People eat differently, in different amounts so I was thinking of having some of my ramen be extremely heavy, full of nutrition, vegetables, rice, while others could be light with a mixture of flavours but not too much filling, what do you think?”

“I think having something for everyone is amazing idea,” Kari admitted, and she honestly did. Because not only did people eat differently according to culture, but some people did like to eat something more filling because it took more to give them energy. “Have you spoken to Matt about this? T.K. says he knows some of the best takeout places.”

“I mean, I’ve thought about it,” Davis said, confidence faltering slightly, something which caused Kari’s face to fall into a small frown. It took a lot for his confidence to falter. “But T.K.’s a lot easier to talk to than Matt is, I mean we’re friends now but it’s kind of hard to tell what Matt is thinking. I don’t really keep in touch with him as much as I do with the others.”

Somehow, this shouldn’t have come as such a surprise to Kari, but it did. Maybe a part of her had hoped that Matt and Davis had become a lot closer given the fact that they both shared the Crest of Friendship in common between them. Maybe I am a little too optimistic at times. Just because Tai and Davis were rather similar, it did not mean that they would both get along with Matt just as easily. Her lips twitched as she recalled T.K.’s groan of annoyance whenever he talked about their fights before she joined the team. Of course, she had witnessed a few of them herself but seeing them now, it was easy to forget that they weren’t always as close as they were now. Especially given the whole love triangle with Sora as well.

“I know Matt can be a little hard to get along with at times,” Kari said slowly. “But I know he would be more than happy to help you out if you asked him for advice on this. Do you want me to get Tai to…”? She trailed off as her phone gave a beep. Who could be messaging her at this time? “Davis, hold on a moment.”

“Did you get the message from Izzy too?” Davis asked, suddenly completely distracted from what they had been talking about to one another regarding his ramen restaurant. Had Izzy sent them both a message at the same time?

Kari put the phone on speaker and checked it, her eyes widening. “It’s a group SOS from Izzy. He’s told the original Chosen to check their crests and there’s an emergency Chosen Children meeting right now at Izzy’s house. He’s going to try and get you and the others on Skype so you can participate in the meeting.” It was a good thing it wasn’t too late in New York right now, since 9pm was not too unreasonable but she knew it would be hard for Yolei unless she was up studying again.

“I’m going to go wash my face, so I look a bit fresher but what do you think is wrong?” Davis asked.

Kari bit her lower lip, not sure if she should share her suspicions. It might make her sound slightly insane and she didn’t want any of her friends thinking that. Davis would never think that. He doesn’t think the way that most people do. That might be true, but most people also didn’t have feelings when something was going on and that feeling turned out to be true. They also didn’t begin bursting with light and heal an entire race of Digimon. Of course, to her relief, T.K. and Sora were both very kind people who had never really brought it up, but she could tell from the looks on their faces that they had been stunned at what was going on.

It had never happened again – those strange powers had never acted up in the real world, but she had felt it then. The feeling she could heal those Numemon, that she had the power to protect them from further harm.

“Hey Kari, are you ok?” Davis’s voice cut into her thoughts. “You went really quiet. I’m sure Gatomon and the others are fine, you know. They’re really tough and we’ve all been through worse, right?”

“Yeah, I’m alright,” Kari said softly. “I…just…Davis, if I tell you something, I mean, I know it might sound strange but…” She trailed off, heart clenching into her mouth. When she had first befriended Davis, it was because she couldn’t watch how other people treated him. Something inside her that pulled at her to help but what if this changed his opinion of her? The fact that she had this almost – maybe – non-human power inside of her still, one she didn’t know where it came from.

“Hey, Kari, listen to me,” Davis said seriously, all light-heartedness gone from his voice. “If Ken is my best friend, you’re my female best friend. We’ve known each other since we were kids and since you defended me back then. Nothing you say could ever make me run away. What is it?”

“I’ve…I’ve felt strange all morning, like something bad was going to happen,” Kari admitted, knowing it sounded weird even in her own mind, but she didn’t know who else to talk to. Tai had his own problems to deal with and she hadn’t had a serious conversation with Yolei in a while. If Gatomon was here, she would be the one to share this kind of emotion with but as she wasn’t here, she needed to tell someone. Her and Davis usually talked every day, video-calling once every two weeks so despite him being in another country, she felt closer to him than she did to some of her friends here. Of course, Tai visited a lot and she spent a lot of time in his apartment, but it wasn’t like he lived here where she could just wake him up and tell him she didn’t feel well like she could before.

Her head was beginning to throb from keeping so much in and if there was one thing that made her hands clam up causing her heart to race, it was the thought of that ocean calling to her again. It had called to her back then because of her attraction to the darkness and she didn’t want this to become another reality that was a part of her life again.

“So, kind of like you felt like something bad was going to happen?” Davis asked.

“I know it sounds a little crazy but,” Kari began but Davis cut through her.

“Hey, hey, who said anything about it sounding crazy?” Davis said, sounding alarmed. “I mean, I think it’s kind of cool, especially since it’s something to do with the Crests, which means you have a strong connection with Gatomon and the digital world. Like without even being there. You’re not crazy, Kari. I think you just care a whole lot and sometimes, caring a lot can hurt you as well.”

Kari’s eyes watered slightly. “Davis…” Her voice cracked.

“Hey, don’t cry ok? I can tell you’re about to from your voice and I don’t want you to cry while I can’t be there to comfort you,” Davis said, voice growing softer. “I promise, even if you feel bad about things now, we’re going to figure this out.”

“Okay,” Kari said, a lone tear rolling down her cheek, but she wiped it away. “I’ll go find my crest and get ready to head out. Thanks Davis.”

“Eh? For what?” Davis asked, sounding genuinely confused and Kari giggled at this a bit.

“For listening to me,” Kari said simply. Davis didn’t look it, but he could be a good listener – which was obvious from the way he had helped Ken through his trauma.

“Course,” Davis said immediately. “See you soon at the meeting, ok?”

“Yeah, bye Davis,” Kari said, before hanging up. She didn’t know what was going to happen next but that was okay. They had always made it through before so they would definitely make it through now. We may be apart now, but it’s like Gatomon said back then. We’re the Chosen Children. We’ll always find our way back together.