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Apr 19, 2020

Eyy henlo there. It's about time that I made an introduction.
I'm called snowcapped quinceanera, or snow, or idys. I'm either a tiny bird trapped inside a human adult or a human adult trapped inside a tiny bird. I'm probably going to just lurk around here for now. I haven't dabbled in the Digimon fandom recently, but Digimon made up a chunk of my childhood. I role-play sometimes, Digimon included. I also draw scary or cute stuff sometimes. Also! I apologize if my profile page here is a stark difference to my other friendlier looking stuff.
Let's try this again. The notification scared me a little and while I could have editted it on the spot, that's probably mostly a me problem lol the fun part is trying to remember what I wrote last time x). I hope I did it right this time.
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