Extended Preview for Digimon Adventure: Episode 56


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Jul 8, 2018
Oh, Strabimon is a Child level, by the looks of it I thought it was a "canon" Adult level for Impmon. It really looks more like an Adult level to be honest. Too bad. It would have been nice if it were so that way we could possibly see Impmon evolve into Strabimon in a Tamers continuation series.
Strabimon is meant to be the "canon" Child-equivalent form of Wolfmon/Lobomon. It's just that, unlike Agnimon's Flamon, it never showed up in Frontier.

Even if they did do a continuation for Tamers, more than likely they'll use Impmon's line (Wizardmon>Baalmon) in the Tamers DIM series for the Vital Bracelet. That, or they create entirely-new evolutions for Impmon.