English Card Game Updates- New Tournament Kit, Tamer Party Cards, & Errata Card Details


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Sep 8, 2006
A few English card game update


First up, is a new tournament kit.

Stores will be getting these for card game tournaments being held in June and July.

First up, the participation gift.

Official Tournament Pack Volume 2 will be given to participants and include 1 card out of 6.

The 6 cards equate to the 4 Japanese cards from Tamer Battle Pack 3, along with the 1st and 2nd Winner Cards that were released alongside Tamer Battle Pack 1 and 2.

Then the winner prize...


Card cases. There are 2 potential cases to win. I believe both of these were promotional giveaways in Japan (although the first one might not be out yet, I don't quite recall.)

The first has a theme based on Agnimon from Booster Set 4, while the second shows off WarGreymon and Omegamon (from Starter Deck 1 and Booster Set 1 respectively.)

Next up is Tamer Party events...

Tamer Party events in June through the end of July will have promo cards given away, 1 per participant out of a possibility of 3.

All 3 cards are the remaining cards from Japanese Tamer Battle Pack 2 that didn't have an announced release in the west yet (the other card, MagnaAngemon, was previously announced as a giveaway for a different event.)

And last up, an errata card...


BT2-097 has been added to the list of errata cards.

Before- [Main] Up to 3 of your opponent’s level 3 Digimon get -4000 DP for the turn.
After- [Main] 3 of your opponent’s level 3 Digimon get -4000 DP for the turn.

The 'Before' text is what was printed on the actual card. All copies of the card regardless of printed text should be treated as 'After' now.

All the day 1 cards (the 3 starter decks, special booster 1.0, and a bunch of promo cards) we have clean images for, which can be found here.
We also have all the images from Special Booster 1.5 and a bunch of promo cards, which can be found here.
All the images of Booster 4 Great Legend, Starter Decks 4, 5, & 6, and Power Up Pack, Great Dash Pack, and More Promo Cards cane be found here.

The first details for Booster Set 5 Battle of Omni can be found here.
The first details for Booster Set 6 & Starter Decks 7 and 8 in English can be found here.
English card game distro updates can be found here.
Booster 4 & Starter 4, 5, 6 Promotions, Anniversary Cards, Pulsemon, Name Change Rules, & More can be found here.


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