English Card Game Premium Pack Set 1 & Great Dash Pack Details


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Sep 8, 2006
A few bits of new English card game info today...


First up, details of a new card pack. The new pack is the first 'Premium Pack'. The packaging features the main card art that was used as the key art image for the first 3 booster sets in Japan.

Retailer 401 Games put up pre-orders with info for this previously unknown card release. They show it as $20, but based on that being Canadian & card shops having markup at times, we expect this will be somewhere between $15 and $18. (The MSRP of a standard booster pack is $4.)

Scheduled for release sometime in April (searching different retailers is popping up dates throughout the second half of April), the first Premium Pack will include 2 booster packs from special booster 1.0 and 2 booster packs from special booster 1.5. On top of that, it will include 2 promo cards. The 2 promo cards will be the same card.

We don't currently know what the potential selection of promo cards are. 2 of the same card may make you think it's the recent 'dark' promos that were given away in Japan if you bought multiple starter decks, but based on other news that seems unlikely...


Which is because those recent 'dark' promo Digimon cards will be part of the 'Great Dash' pack.

These will be 1 card per dash pack, unlike the Japanese equivalent of this which gave you 2 of the same card per pack.

The Dash Pack terminology in the English card game has been used (thus far) for promo packs you get if you buy certain amounts of booster packs. We assume this means it'll be given away with Booster Set 4 if you buy 12 of those, but that isn't confirmed at the moment.

They could also potentially give them away with starter decks like they did in Japan, since 4, 5, and 6 come out the same day as Booster Set 4 in English (or even as bonus for buying multiple Premium Packs.) But Booster Set 4 seems like a solid guess (for now) despite the slightly different terminology.

Nice that they keep finding ways to make sure we are getting all the promo cards. Will be interesting to see which ones make it into the Premium Pack, as there are quite a few it could be at the moment.

Booster Set 4 (and the 'dark' promo cards) recently came out in Japan and we have images for the Japanese equivalent of all those cards right here.

Thanks to a few people for sending in the Great Dash Pack news, although where the info is from isn't clear at the moment.

The pre-sale for the first wave of English Digimon Card Game releases is out. It includes the first 3 starter decks and special booster 1.0 (a larger than normal booster set containing a selection of cards from the 1st 3 Japanese boosters. When paired with the upcoming special 1.5, it contains all the cards as those boosters in Japan.)

All the day 1 cards (the 3 starter decks, special booster 1.0, and a bunch of promo cards) we have clean images for, which can be found here.

Various rules and other updates for the early release of the Digimon Card Game English version can be found here.

We also have info about the release of Starter Decks 4, 5, and 6 and Booster Set 4 in English here.

Early packaging and promo card details for special booster 1.5 can be found here.


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Oct 16, 2020
Glad to see we have confirmation on getting the Dark Promos, since I really want to pick up MetalGarurumon for the Purple Option build, and BlackWarGreymon is a decent tech for the D-Brigade deck I want to build as a secondary boss monster. Interested in seeing what the promos for the premium pack are, since I can't imagine them printing actually new cards for that.
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Apr 18, 2017
Hmm, that premium pack set is interesting. I wonder if they will give us the Adventure Anime promo cards, or some other release I am forgetting.