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Sep 8, 2006
Cudahy, WI
Last night we had some down time to the old server, but since I wasn't around for it I have no idea how long it lasted.

When I was informed of it last night by Goc (he sent me a PM as of 2am my time) and saw the message this afternoon, and received an IM from BladeSabre also in regard to it, I began spelunking our hosts information, seeing if we could make heads or tails of it. Such wasn't the case, and as it stands, I have no idea why we went down.

This is more or less a heads up, so you're aware that the server is seemingly involved in some problems with the host, in the event it happens again. I'll have a discussion with goc about it in the mean time, and I'll update with anything we may find out about it.

If anyone was around during the downtime, I'd be appreciative if we could chart when about it began and how long it lasted until, so we're aware of the severity of the event.

Thanks for your patience as we try to work past this.