Discussion about super rare ratios and prices in the english version


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Oct 4, 2020
I don't know if we have any details on this so I want to see what people expect. We know that the english sets will have double the super rares the japanese sets have. Do you think that we will be able to pull double the supers in every box too (8 supers instead of 4)? Because if not, we will probably have supers at 50+ dollars/euros and decks that play playsets of more than one super will be around 500 dollars/euros and I really don't want that because I'm exited to play this card game but I want be able to afford it if it's gonna be that expensive. Also the english booster box will cost double the japanese price (which is expected) and that will also effect the price of the supers. What do you thing the super rare ratios and prices will be?