Dim Card Set EX3 Spirit Light Introduction from MonMon Memo


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Sep 8, 2006

Time for a new MonMon Memo! MonMon Memo 87 is an introduction to Dim Card Set EX3 Spirit Light!

This follows up on 86 with it's introduction to Spirit Flame.

I have cleaned up a small handful of terms that translated poorly or swapped terms around, with minor touch-ups at best otherwise.

Digimon fans! Hello!
Can you enjoy your life with VITAL BRACELET?
It is also recommended for new life, so please try it out.

By the way, I would like to introduce the "DimCard Set EX3" (2 types) that is currently pre-order at Premium Bandai.


Last time we introduced SPIRIT FLAME, so this time we will introduce SPIRIT LIGHT!

Wolfmon Dim with the spirit of light and water
Blitzmon Dim with the spirit of lightning and steel
The spirit of darkness on Lowemon Dim

It contains Digimon related to, and covers the spirit necessary for the Evolution of MagnaGarurumon. In addition, Lowemon Dim covers both the spirit of good and evil darkness!

Let's take a look at the contents of each Dim immediately! First Wolfmon Dim!

It is a Dim that includes Wolfmon, Ancient Warrior AncientGarurumon with the attribute of light, and MagnaGarurumon with even more transcendental power.


Next is Blitzmon Dim!


Including Blitzmon, AncientBeatmon and AncientWisemon of Ten Warriors are recorded!


The last is Lowemon Dim!


While recording the Evolution line centered on the Lowemon, KaiserLeomon and Includes Seven Deadly Digimon Lucemon: Chaos Mode!


Whether you have memories of the anime "Digimon Frontier" or those who have never seen an anime but love Digimon, we are thinking of recording it as a DimCard that everyone can enjoy! Please try to complete all Digimon of this set!

See you in the next update!


Previous details, including pre-order info, for Dim Card Sets EX3 can be found here.

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Dim Card Set EX3 Spirit Flame Introduction


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Oct 26, 2017
Folder Continent
I’m pretty sure that for the Lowenmon DIM they are focusing on Kaiser Leomon and Lucemon Falldown Mode because of their roles and importance in Frontier. (Dark Beast Spirit L and the latter being the big end boss of the series. That’s not even bringing up Lucemon FM’s popularity and important as one of the Great Seven).

That said I want to believe Lucemon Falldown Mode will break the mold as his child stage did in the Original Pendulum Progress. So far all the evolution requirements in the DIMs have been practically the same. I hope Lucemon FM breaks the mold and has a new unique challenging requirement. I also hope he’s powerful, as a lv6. It would make up for the lack of a fourth lv 6 Digimon the DIM has. Plus it would make up for Lucemon FM being rather weak in the DMX ver 1.