Digivice VV Training Diary- I tried to raise it to aim for S-rank Digimon [Part 1: Baby 1 & Baby 2], from MonMon Memo


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Sep 8, 2006

Time for a new MonMon Memo! MonMon Memo 98 is the 1st in a series showing training in the Digivice VV (Vital Bracelet BE)

The translation is the provided one from Digimon Web, with very minor touch-ups at best otherwise.

Digimon fans! Hello!

This is Muremon, in charge of the VITAL BRACELET BE Digimon series!
It's been a long time since I've seen the "DIGITAL MONSTER 25th Anniversary Program" that was released last month and the month before last on Banmani! If not, nice to meet you!

*If you haven't seen last month's "DIGITAL MONSTER 25th Anniversary Program", please click here!

From today, we will update Monmon Memo to convey the charm of the new product "VITAL BRACELET BE Digivice VV"!

Entitled, "Digivice VV Training Diary- I tried to raise it to aim for S-rank Digimon"!!!

This is a series where Muremon, who is in charge of product development, spells out the journey to raise an S-rank Digimon with the tension as if he was playing with Digivice VV for the first time.

The S rank is a specification that was added from VITAL BRACELET BE this time, and in simple terms it is "proof that you have worked hard to raise your Digimon ".
This time there is a limit of "100 hours", so I will introduce the training record within that for about a month.
*Details on ranks and timers will be introduced later.

I would appreciate it if you could hold back the silly comments like, "You were the one who planned this product, right?"

Until now, we have posted information about VITAL BRACELET BE's Digivolution points and BEMEMORY on the official Digimon WEB Twitter and Banmani!, but this time we would like to convey the depth of VITAL BRACELET BE's fun in a more practical manner. !

In addition, we will touch on things that Digimon fans may be wondering about at the moment and the hidden obsessions of the VITAL BRACELET BE series, so please take a look at the whole series!

Now, let's play with "Digivice VV"!


This time, I'm raising it with the included "BEMEMORY Gammamon Dim", but let's first set a target for which Digimon to aim for S rank.

▼BEMEMORY Gammamon Dim Evolution Chart


BEMEMORY Gammamon Dim can be trained around Gammamon-type Digimon, and you can meet completely new Digimon in Perfect!
Which Digimon Ultimate I am aiming for this time, 、、、 best!?


Siriusmon! There are still many parts that are full of mysteries, but above all, it looks cool!
I decided. Muremon aims for S rank with this one!

If you decide to do so, insert BEMEMORY immediately! !


ACCEPTED! When you pull out the BEMEMORY...


Curimon was born from the DigiEgg! ! !

I can't stop being excited to think that this cute Curimon will eventually become Siriusmon. (I'll raise you with care... Curimon)

That being said, my Curimon can't train or battle... (It can't be helped since he's still Baby. That's what I love about him.)

Therefore, this time, we will introduce some excerpts of the menu screens that are indispensable for raising Digimon.

First, the timer/rank confirmation screen!


It counts down from the 100 hours displayed here, but you can raise your status until it reaches 0.
Conversely, "how much can you make your Digimon stronger within the time limit of 100 hours?"
That's what it means. I have to challenge myself...

And the notation "RANK D" on the bottom is a new element.
A rank is a simple indicator of how strong your Digimon was, and it fluctuates according to the total effort value introduced below!

Let's aim for "S rank" with this display! That's the goal of this series! !

Next, the status confirmation screen!


The white number is the base value of the status, and the yellow number is the effort value of the status.
Curimon is still in its Baby, so you can't do it, but you can increase your BP, HP, and AP stats by doing various trainings after you Rookie up!

Until now, VITAL BRACELET has been fixed as "This is the status when it Tamer to Gammamon!" "Individuality is born in Digimon 's status!"

It's no exaggeration to say that this is the most popular point of the VITAL BRACELET BE series!
However, since I can't train, I can't explain it in depth, so I'll introduce it in more detail in [Rookie].

And the last menu introduction of the main story! Evolution confirmation screen!


It's not very noticeable, but it's actually a pretty useful addition!

Until now, it was necessary to check the conditions for the next Evolution in the app or the Evolution table attached to the "Evolution File", but from now on, you can check everything in the toy itself!

Apparently, my Curimon will Digivolution into Gurimon in 39 minutes. (excited)

There are no other Evolution conditions, so let's wait for the time to pass!

Oh! ?

Finally Evolution into Gurimon! (I didn't do anything lol)
From now on, I will do my best to raise Gurimon , who has become a little tougher.

It's been a long time, so
This concludes Digivice VV Training Diary ~I tried to raise an S rank Digimon ~ [Part 1: Baby 1 & Baby 2].

Thank you to everyone who has read this far!

Next time, please wait for the update of [Part 2: Child]! !

[VITAL BRACELET BE a little happy new information 🔍]

You can return to HOME from any screen by pressing and holding the decision button at the bottom right of the screen.

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I'm going digital
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Apr 12, 2019
You being able to check what your Digimon will evolve into in the bracelet itself is great!


I'm going digital
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Feb 16, 2020
Looks like they're really leaning more into the fitness aspect.


Ain't got no mojo...
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May 26, 2020
the timer system for personal challenge runs and the ranks are really cool, looking forward to future episodes to reveal some more new features