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Mar 20, 2020
Hey guys something I figured out about the rookie attack and health upgrade. The clone digimon is the same as the Digimon that you are walking with. So if you want to get the upgrade on a specific digimon make sure that you are walking with that digimon when you get a help wave!


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Feb 25, 2021
updated enemy & bosses

Map I (File & Folder Island)
Stage 1-1
Gizamon, Kunemon
Boss: Kuwagamon

Stage 1-2
Centaurmon, Leomon, Ogremon
Boss: Devimon

Stage 1-3
Gazimon, Bakemon, Whamon
Boss: Kakotorimon

Stage 1-4
Tyrannomon, Kuwagamon, Datamon
Boss: Etemon

Map II (Tokyo - Odaiba)
Stage 2-1
DemoDevimon, Gekomon, ShogunGekomon
Boss: Mamothmon

Stage 2-2
Raremon, DarkTyrannomon, Skullmeramon
Boss: Myotismon

Stage 2-3
DemiDevimon, Bakemon, Myotismon
Boss: VenomMyotismon

Map III (Spiral Mountain)
Stage 3-1
Shellmon, Divermon, Scorpiomon
Boss: MetalSeadramon

Stags 3-2
Gazimon, Kiwimon, Garbagemon
Boss: Parrotmon

Stage 3-3
Garbagemon, Cherrymon, MetalEtemon
Boss: Puppetmon

Stage 3-4
Megadramon, Mekanorimon, Tankmon
Boss: Machinedramon

Stage 3-5
LadyDevimon, Vilemon, WaruMonzaemon
Boss: Piedmon

Stage 3-6
MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon, Piedmon
Boss: Apocalymon

Map IV (War Game)
Stage 4
Keramon, Infermon
Boss: Diablomon

Map V (Tri.)
Stage 5-1
Kuwagamon, Imperialdramon FM (Infected), Alphamon
Boss: Meicrackmon VM

Stage 5-2
Orphanimon FM, Raguelmon, Jesmon
Boss: Ordinemon

Map VI (Kizuna)
Stage 6
Parrotmon, Eosmon (Adult/Champion), Eosmon (Perfect/Ultimate)
Boss: Eosmon (Ultimate/Mega)

(CMIIW or added if I missing something)

some hint that i find, maybe will be useful for someone in the future:

> Unlock Meicoomon Faster
(works like Veedramon in Ver 1, 2 and 15th) connect Digivice Complete Ver. with Digimon Analyzer JPN or D-Terminal JPN

> Unlock Omegamon MM /Omnimon MM
using Omegamon/Omnimon when battling with Orphanimon FM & Raguelmon
(I think you must make all partner unlock ultimate/mega evo)

> Unlock Agumon Kizuna & Gabumon Kizuna
using Omegamon/Omnimon 2 Times when battling Eosmon Perfect (Ultimate in US)
win as Omegamon/Omnimon from Agumon to unlock Kizuna Evo
win as Omegamon/Omnimon from Gabumon to unlock Kizuna Evo
whatever you wanna use 1st, it will unlocked when you win

and wanna ask, is Huckmon (Hackmon in US) only unlocked when we finish all the maps?

thank you & you're welcome

Credit :
RogueX4 for 1st enemy & bosses list
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