Digital Monster X Evolution Conditions from MonMon Memo!


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Sep 8, 2006
It's been awhile since one of these...

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MonMon Memo 30 shows up after again more than half a year!

This time we get Pinch Hitter Kumagaya, one of the people in charge of planning for Digimon at Bandai!

He's going to give all the evolution information for the Digimon that appear in the Digital Monster X (which he believes has been generally well received.)

As for the Digital Monster X...

The beginning of the story is in the old Digital World after Project Ark was activated.

Infected with the X program and deleted...
Infected with the X program and gained the antibody...
Escaped the infection of the X program...
What was left was erased by the Royal Knights...

What was waiting for the Digimon in the the chaotic world was disorder and various fates.
What brings about a new order in such a world was the X-Evolved Royal Knight, Jesmon.

To the Digimon that wins the Digimon Battle (cleared the 30 areas of the map), is the right to decide the future of a chaotic world!

As Jesmon X declared, the story at hand moves to the Digital Monster X! For details, check Digimon Chronicle X! [At the time of translating this Digimon Chronicle X hasn't been updated anywhere past where it was last year.]

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He notes it's been 2 months since you got them. Is everyone carefully raising their Digimon? Have you witnessed an evolved character that will give you the right to decide on the future of the old Digital World?

Were you able to open all of the diverse evolution paths?

Even those who say 'not yet' can be assured of help, and they know they kept you waiting a long time...

They will reveal the evolution conditions that they've kept secret until now, so continue battling to determine the future of the old Digital World with your favorite partner Digimon!

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I've reformulated them from the big 'single list' method they show them with on the actual link they provided. I also went ahead and separated them into different images for each version of the V-Pet, so it's a bit easier to skim.

Hopefully we can get all this translated soon.

They ask how you feel about the evolution conditions? Some are looser, while some are strict. They believe that Rafflesimon and RhodoKnightmon X are a bit demonic as far as evolution conditions go...

They hope the various elements you'll run into in the Digital Monster X will allow you to enjoy many things while you bring up all the Digimon.

Kumagaya finishes by saying he will see us in the next update, so it appears MonMon Memo will return.

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Jul 25, 2017
Battery Saving
Translation already underway! A lot of this was already known, but the biggest thing revealed is the requirement of defeating Ultimate stage Digimon, which is GREAT to know!

Shadow Shinji

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Mar 5, 2014
When I first saw Digital Monster X Evolution I thought it could be the announcement of a new OVA based on Chronicle X (still dreaming) <3

I've just updated all this information in Wikimon, some evo lines are really odd, while my favourite one is still Sleipmon X-Antibody > Minervamon X-Antibody (I still can't get over this one), Platinum X-Antibody > Omegamon X-Antibody kinda makes me think of Omekamon.

All the Rookies can evolve into Damemon, while all the Perfects can evolve into Platium's pretty clear these are the Sukamon & Numemon of this V-Pet.

Humulos and I were discussing before on Twitter that there's a few mistakes here and there: the most important one, Beelzebumon X-Antibody evolves into Diablomon X-Antibody & Sakuyamon X-Antibody into Dukemon X-Antibody, not the opposite; Rafflesimon is a Data-type Digimon and not a Virus-type; and I've also noticed that in the Black Ver. of Yatagaramon, it appears the sprite of Beel Starmon X-Antibody instead of Sakuyamon X-Antibody, whereas the information chart is correct.

As for the rest, I'm living for this! Hope they'll announce a new V-Pet based on the Digimon Accel rather sooner than later!

Sparrow Hawk

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Feb 23, 2007
Glad this comic continues! Wish it have more pages.