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Sep 8, 2006
MonMon Memo time!

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Big Dreamer Taoka returns for the 25th MonMon Memo! This time MonMon Memo is going over something of high interest to fans getting the Digital Monster X...

This week Big Dream Taoka is introducing the Battle System for the Digital Monster X!

It's a must have feature for Digital Monsters!

When entering an area inside the Map System (introduced last week), you can battle with an enemy Digimon. It's also possible to battle with another Digital Monster X!

When entering the battle, the dice function, the XAI System, starts up!

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Hit the button to stop the XAI as it rotates. The XAI System is quite important!

After finishing with the XAI system, the next step is the attack gauge. You want to stop the attack gauge that is moving left and right where the black part is as high as possible. This will allow you to use a special technique.

The speed of the gauge changes based on the results of the XAI System!

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↑Hit It Where This Example Shows!

If the XAI System's outcome is low, the gauge moves fast, but if it's high, it'll move slower for you, so the better the XAI's outcome, the easier it'll be for you to stop the attack gauge, giving you more opportunities for a deadly move!

The black part of the gauge itself changes based on your Digimon's form, level, and attributes, so be careful in the choices you make!

After finishing with the attack gauge, the battle begins!

Your Digimon will attack based on the results of the attack gauge!

If you do a special technique, you will get your Digimon's cut-in, a highlight appearance featured in the Digital Monster X!

Taoka has decided to show off some of these cut-ins!

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Metal Greymon X-Antibody, who only appears in the Black.

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Craniummon X-Antibody, who only appears in the White.

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Sistermon Ciel, who only appears in the White.

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Omegamon X-Antibody, who appears in both.

Train a lot of Digimon to check out the cut-ins for all the Digimon!

He asks you to play using the strength of various Digimon by raising them, using the power of luck with the XAI System, the skill to stop the attack gauge, increase the tension by using the cut-ins, all mixed together to make the Battle System!

He finishes by telling us to look forward to the next update, which no information is given about.

Further details on the Digital Monster X, including how to pre-order, can be found here.

Premium Bandai USA recently announced they will sell the Digital Monster X directly to fans in the US and Canada. Info on that can be found here.

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Mar 5, 2014
I'm really surprised Ciel is in the middle of this as if she would be a regular X-Digimon. Bu the way has it been reveled how will Damemon and Erismon appear in all this? Still no word on the natural carriers of the X-Antibody *sighs* Where's my Dracumon line?...


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Mar 26, 2018
It's more simple than pendulum x battle system (maybe because the amount of shake count)