Digital Monster X and X-Antibody Teasers from MonMon Memo, 2 Weeks Until Pre-Orders


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Sep 8, 2006
More MonMon Memo!

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MonMon Memo is back on it's normal schedule! The 21st MonMon Memo teases upcoming details about the Digital Monster X along with other X-Antibody fun, like Digimon Chronicle X.

Big Dreamer Taoka starts off by saying hello and comments how August is already over.

Yesterday he was at Wada Kouji Memorial Live "Immortal Butter-Fly Forever" -We Love DiGiMONMUSIC-. He listened to the music with their powerful live performances and he was touched. He thinks the power of singing is amazing.

He also reveals the name 'Big Dreamer Taoka' is actually based on 'The Biggest Dreamer.'

He thinks it was a good and fine summer.

So, onto the actual topic. 2 weeks until the Digital Monster X is up to pre-order, and the livestream with toy and game info.

The 'stage' of the Digital Monster X is the Old Digital World.

He wonders what the Digital World has been like since Project Ark.

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Chapters 1 and 2 of Digimon Chronicle X is about the state of the old Digital World. Chapter 3 and future chapters will be added time to time, so look forward to it.

The Digital Monster X being in the 'old' Digital World has actually been teased previously, but this is the first time we seem to have some degree of solid confirmation. The story of Digimon Chronicle X itself, along with background images they put up for Chronicle X, certainly suggested it.


An image comparison I made for the Chronicle X Chapter 2 thread. The left image is the background from the Pendulum 1.0, while the right is an image they showed of the old Digital World in Chronicle X. They also showed a destroyed version of the background from Pendulum 5.0, but I didn't have good enough assets of the 5.0 background to do a comparison for that one.

So while still technically a guess, the hinting/suggestion is those new images will be the background images for the Digital Monster X V-Pets.

Also, regarding the 'Digital Monster X', there are plans to include a number of Digimon who have never been made in pixel form before. Look forward to what Digimon you can raise.

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And the Come Back Digimon Play Festival- New Toys and Game Special livestream will show battles in Digital Monster X for the first time! The stream is September 14th, the same day the Digital Monster X goes up for pre-order.

Plus, the X-Antibody fan vote ended the other day, and they'll be announcing the winners on the stream. there were more than 120,000 votes. He doesn't plan to miss it.

It's full of toy information, so he asks you to please have a look.

They hope to continue to excite with X-Antibody Digimon at a steady pace, so look forward to the next report from them.

No confirmation if there will be a MonMon Memo next week, or if it's on hiatus until the Digital Monster X is available to order and the livestream happens, but it seems we will be hearing more about the X-Antibody Digimon when it returns.

Thanks to garm for helping touch up a few translations.

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Jun 26, 2011
Are there new information in this week monmon memo?