DigiNavi Asobi Store Expo 2021 Branch Edition (October 2nd, 2021) Video Archive


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006

As announced earlier after DigiNavi, there was a special Branch Edition of DigiNavi as part of Asobi Store Expo 2021's live video programming.

This covers roughly the same material as DigiNavi did yesterday, but formatted more with the idea you might not just have fans, but also people just tuning in to the overall live programming.

A handful of additional material shows up, generally related to things from DigNavi (showing the VB Shorts Music Digest, some of the recent promotional videos for V-Pets, etc.)

It features a number of Digimon related staff members we've become familiar with in recent memory, so could be worth watching if you want more of a look at products, etc.

Unlike a standard DigiNavi, English subtitles aren't provided.

Yesterday's DigiNavi goes over the material and can be watched with subtitles, or you can look at our overview.


  • 「デジモン」バンダイデジナビ出張版 懐かし&最新情報満載!生配信!~デジヴァイス-V-「デジモンゴーストゲーム」大紹介SP~ (BQ).jpg
    「デジモン」バンダイデジナビ出張版 懐かし&最新情報満載!生配信!~デジヴァイス-V-「デジモンゴーストゲーム」大紹介SP~ (BQ).jpg
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