Digimonukkah, Day 5- Boku ni Totte, Digimon Adventure tri. 3 ED Scans


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Sep 8, 2006
Another CD scan, but this time we move on to Digimon Adventure tri.!

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Knife of Day's first CD is a single for Boku ni Totte, the ending theme to Digimon Adventure tri. part 3. It also has another Knife of Day song called 'Which' on it.

The embedded files are JPGs, but are a decent size. Be aware if you are on a capped internet provider.

The scanning for Knife of Day didn't go well. This was actually one of the last things I scanned on the scanner that went bad, and it took lots of tweaking to get it to come out right when I was scanning it. I was able to get good scans, but dealing with the scanner put editing/etc. the images on the backburner and it sort of was forgotten for awhile.

Even though the scans came out well enough, I had planned to rescan them just in case... but I don't know where the CD went. It wasn't with the other CDs from that time period, so best I can figure... it went into a box somewhere.

Before the scans, here is the music video that was made for Boku no Totte.

The CD was packaged in a CD-single style case.

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I quite like this cover. It's a stereotypical 'band on an album cover' shot, but has Gabumon sitting next to Yamato, almost like he's uninvolved with the image being taken. The Knife of Day logo is up towards the top right corner.

On the left side is various bits of information on the double foldover which is standard with covers from a CD-single style case.

Many CD-singles don't have anything except front and back, but this one actually unfolds to have 2 interior pages.

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Here we have basic song information and lyrics, along with a shot of Gabumon and a shot of Yamato.

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The back side is an image of birds flying over water along with Yamato's autograph. It's simple, but works well (although the entire theme of the packaging feels like playing up various music stereotypes. Likely to have a bit of fun with it.)

A scan of the disc itself.

Image Thumbnail

Digimon lately has been going really hard with a lot of clean and basic design work which tends to fit my sensibilities quite well. It has the tri. logo, the Knife of Day logo, and the song title. Underneath the legal info is the bottom of the Knife of Day logo formatted into a short but wide mini logo. The disc itself actually ends up being the back cover due to the design of the CD-single case.

On the left side of the case was an obi card.

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Just various bits of information and the UPC code here.

The plastic wrapper for the CD had a sticker on it which I scanned.

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The sticker only actually means that the first press of the CD includes a bonus item...

Last up for Boku ni Totte is the bonus item itself!

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It's a Knife of Day sticker 'autographed' by Yamato.

Boku ni Totte is still available at CDJapan (Affiliate Link.)

Lots of Digimon and Appmon stuff is coming out soon and donations would be appreciated so we can make sure we can continue to get Digimon materials to share with everyone.

That's day 5.

Everyone loves Captain Picard. Everyone loves snow. Therefore, everyone will love Picard singing Let It Snow.