Digimonukkah 2019 Day 6- UK Digimon Season 2 DVD Collection- Scans & Breakdown


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Sep 8, 2006
Time for a UK one!

For Day 6 of Digimonukkah it's scans of something from a few years ago in the UK!

The UK release of Digimon Season 2 on DVD!

In late 2016 the UK got a DVD box for Digimon Season 2 from Manga UK. Unlike with Season 1 in the UK, there wasn't false start after false start, and it simply 'came out' (although still a bit later than in the US.) In fact, it came out a month and a half after the UK release of Season 1, so fans didn't even have to wait long after they finally got Season 1.

I did some editing on these... and no scanning, because I didn't get the UK release (gotta decide where that money needs to go.) Thanks to forum member Kai, we have these images because he scanned them on his own and shared them to make sure the UK release could get featured, the same way we try and do for media whenever possible. So big thanks to Kai for putting in the time and effort.

Most of what I did here was reorienting, cropping, and some editing. The scanner used was more meant for scanning documents and further editing likely would have made the final images look worse. I did try some aggressive denoising to clean it up, but while it often did look better, some of it look iffy, so I just did the standard round of editing I had done on similar scans before.

The front cover of the slipcover (at the top of the article) is based on the US release of Season 2, but with a few changes. Various iconography has been changed, characters have been moved around, the background on the UK set has a motif that appears similiar to the Digivice digivolving light effect, and most notable, they used different artwork for Gatomon.

The back of the slipcover gets it's point across well

The back has a description of the show, some screencaps, and uses a shot of Davis and Veemon running as it's main art.

The back also has extras listed, along with various technical specs and legal details.

The spine of the slipcover has an image of Davis with an green background at the top, the Digimon logo on a yellow angled stripe, with more green at the bottom, with a shot of Chibimon.

Inside the slipcover are two standard size DVD cases, each with their own insert.

The inserts are simple key art with a background based on that from the front in a different color. The front uses key art of Davis and Veemon, while the spine uses a different design altogether from the slipcover.

The reverse uses the Digimon Emperor and Wormmon for it's front side imagery, but the most interesting thing... they actually changed the layout of where things are. Since it's the reverse it didn't need various logos and legal elements, so they came up with a different layout for the reverse side, using the same images and fonts in general, but moving things around entirely. It's neat that they went to the effort, but feels a bit odd.. It also means the spines won't match if you only reverse one of them.

The second insert swaps in Yolei and Hawkmon on the front. The back swaps in Cody and Armadillomon, while also using the alternate layout design, the same as reverse side on the first insert.

As for the look of the discs...

The discs themselves use an identical design to season 1 with just slightly different coloring. The series logo is towards the bottom, and a bit higher than a third from the bottom is a split point, with a striped orange below, and a screenshot above. the screenshot has had it's color tweaked to a monochrome, but also has a striped effect. You get red, green, purple, yellow, and then it repeats.

At first I thought the striping was an issue with the scan, but it doesn't seem to show up on the logo or the content rating (and I had written the same thing for the Season 1 discs before I checked...)

Kei also took a photo of the cases open.

Each holds two discs on each side of the case, while the case itself if see-thru so you can see the reverse side. Unlike season 1, which used just art on the reverse, the inserts being more flippable means it doesn't look quite as nice looking thru the case.

And a few menu shots.

We aren't doing full screenshots for this, as it's a bit of an older release and we aren't judging video quality, etc., but it's a relatively pleasant menu. It's centerpiece is a D-3. The overall setup is similiar to the Season 1 menu, but the buttons of the D-3 don't appear to be actual menu buttons like the Digivice did for Season 1.

The episode menu is just a basic block list showing the episode number, title, and a screenshot.

I can't go over the on disk content in detail since I don't have it, but I can go over the few things I do know.

It's 4x3 PAL video, with the audio listed as English Dolby 2.0, which is rather standard for UK DVDs and what is expected.

It's a pretty standard release that came out a few years ago, but seemed to have been well received, especially since there wasn't multiple restarts as there had been with season 1. I remember UK fans at the time being ecstatic that there was no long wait after season 1.

Big thanks again to Kai for the scans, which can be found in our gallery.

If you have any questions about the release feel free to ask, we have quite a few members from the UK and I'm sure they'd be willing to answer questions if there is additional information you want to know about the release.

Lots of Digimon stuff is coming out soon and supporting us via our Patreon or donations would be greatly appreciated so that we can do more breakdowns and improve the site. Feel free to join us in the Discord if you want to chat about the Digimon.

Amazon UK pages to order (not affiliate links)
Digimon Season 2 DVD Collection (UK)

Those in the USA will of course want to get the equivalent American release (Affiliate links)
Digimon Season 2 DVD Collection (US)

Images are hosted on our gallery and embedded on the forum, so let us know if anything is acting up.

More to come...

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