Digimonukkah 2018 Day 7- Digimon Pendulum Version 20th, Silver Black- Scans & Photos


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Sep 8, 2006
Digimonukkah 2018 Day 7- Digimon Pendulum Version 20th, Silver Black- Scans & Photos

Here comes another one!

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This time is something a bit more recent...

The Silver Black version of the 20th Anniversary Digimon Pendulum!

This was a gift sent to me by a fan of the site who wanted me to have a modern V-Pet. They meant it as a personal gift, rather than site fodder, so I decided not to flatten it, etc. when scanning. Scanning went relatively fine, but since it has a bit of an odd shape, certain sides were photographed so I didn't have to flatten the box.

The Silver Black 20th Pendulum has the physical appearance as the Silver Black Pendulum 1.0 from 1998.

First up is the packaging.

The box itself is based on the original Pendulum box. It's very glossy, with different types of foil. It makes scanning it particularlly difficult, and since it was never going to be as flat as I wanted, the process I have to deal wit foil and gloss wasn't going to work.

The back of the box has some info about the Pendulum, along with various legal info and other details. As this is the Premium Bandai Singapore release, it has 3 stickers on it with various translated details, which cover up various other details.

A photo of the upper portion of the front cover, which due to the construction of the package was never going to scan properly.

Photos of both sides. The sides of the box goes over various features of the Pendulum.

When you open the box, a little surprise under the flap.Showing off the name and a Digimon from each of the 3 'original' Pendulums contained in this 20th Anniversary Pendulum.

Then we have the manual...

The front shows off Rudomon, the Digimon introduced for the 20th Anniversary of the Pendulums.

Then we have the rest of the booklet...

The booklet is relatively small, and I left the scans bigger than I normally would for something of this size for extra readability for the text, which is why things aren't that sharp.

My favorite part is still Copipemon cameoing in the booklet.

As mentioned before, it has the appearance of the old Pendulum 1.0, and it looks rather nice. It feels smooth in teh hand, and the background to the LCD screen reproduces the classic artwork that was used on the original Pendulum release.

The 20th Pendulum is an interesting 'new' V-Pet that contains 3 prior V-Pets, not to mention quite a bit of updated/new content, while having the look of the classic original release.

For an Anniversary product it did what it was supposed to, celebrate the original release while adding a bit of updated flair.

The original releases of the 20th Anniversary Pendulum, the Silver Black and Silver Blue, are long since out of print.

The 2nd Wave, featuring Dukemon and Beelzebumon 'colors', are scheduled to ship a week from the time of this posting, but pre-orders have closed.

Intermediaries that ordered extra stock may still have any of the 4 available to orde,r so it's worth a look.

The images can all be found in the gallery.

The scans are small compared to the master scans I did (the work and backup folder structure for the scans and photos ended up being 6.7 gigs.)

Lots of Digimon stuff is coming out soon and supporting us via our Patreon or donations would be greatly appreciated so that we can do more breakdowns and improve the site. Feel free to join us in the Discord if you want to chat about the figure.

More to come...



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Oct 6, 2006
Ah, you got one with stickers on the box, though not quite the same as the one I saw before. When you play it, please let us know whether the Digimon names in-game appear in Japanese or English.


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Sep 13, 2018
I also have a Silver Black Digimon Pendulum ver.20th; I bought it myself and I have yet to play with it.

Seeing Copymon and how its design was based on the Appmon Copipemon was also my favourite part of the booklet; Appmon is my favourite Digimon season.

I'm calling it now: since Ludomon is the Digimon Pendulum 20th Anniversary Digimon and Zubamon is the 20th Anniversary Digimon, they're going to be in the upcoming Digimon Adventure 20th project. Hackmon, the 15th Anniversary Digimon, was in Digimon Adventure tri., the Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary project. Ludomon and Zubamon's Ultimate forms, Bryweludramon and Durandamon respectively, will Jogress into RagnaLordmon.