Digimon Vpet Screen Cross-Compatibility?


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Jul 27, 2022
Is there a difference in screen compatibility between a pendulum original style device and something like a dm20? Is it possible to swap a new screen from a dm20 with a scuffed up pendulum original screen, or would it have to be something like a pen z with a pen original? Or are pendulum originals only compatible with themselves?

I know the shells between the pendulum and brick style devices are different, but i was wondering if the screens were as well.

I plan on opening up a scuffed up pen original to try and replace its screen with a spare dm20 (or pen z) to test in a day or two, but was wondering if anyone here knew if this is possible or not, and if this is a terrible idea or not.

UPDATE: Decided to try the swap tonight between a pen original and a dm20th. Got the 20th's screen but got stopped on the pen-original when I had to take the pendulum out (final tiny screw was completely stripped and would not come out). Put everything back together and both devices still work - I do have one other pen original I might try the screen-swap with, but screen isn't messed up enough to warrant the swap. If anyone has tips for getting out the tiny pendulum screw, I am all ears!
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Aug 11, 2017
A jewelry drill bit (or eye glass) might work, but honestly it’s a tough job so I’d say do it at your own discretion;
{You can bring it to some shops (you can call and ask, but I’d bring it in person) and they might be able to do it for free / a small fee.}
As odd as it sounds, I’m not sure anyone has the answer to if it would work or not - the screens I mean - but it’s up to you to try, I’m sure the people all over the internet would be interested to know
If you sacrifice for the cause lol.