Digimon V-Pet fangame for PC (alpha)


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Jan 31, 2021

DVPet Alpha


About the Game

is a Java fan-game application for the PC based on the original Digimon V-Pets and Digimon World games. It is a pet simulator, designed to emulate the look and feel of the original Digimon vpets with a greater emphasis on pet raising mechanics. Raise over 800 different Digimon from an egg to a Super Ultimate in real time or in accelerated time. Battle with others online to test your strength.

Alpha Testers

Visit the Guide link for more information about raising your Digimon and about joining the game's official Discord. I moved the guide to this wiki to reduce the amount of work it took to maintain. Plus, it's easier to format there and other people can contribute if they feel like it.

My goal is to make a game easy enough to interpret without a guide. Let me know how I can improve on that either in this thread or in the Discord.

Other testing tips:

If you want to wipe the evolution tree so that you can unlock everything yourself, just go into the files folder and delete the "tree" file.

If you'd like help testing, you can open the debug menu by pressing the following keys from the start menu:

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B

While the debug menu is in focus use the , key to go "back" in time and the . key to go forward.

If you come across an error, check the errorlogs.txt file in DVPet/files for errors and send me its contents in an email or private message.


Specific credits for most of the Digimon sprites and sounds are in a README file bundled up with the program itself. But, in short, the following are sources for many of the sprites and sounds: PepperRocket (transcription of Digimon World/Cyber Sleuth character sprites), SydMontague (original sprites), BladeSabre (recording of PenOG and DMOG sounds), Low Lines (original character sprites), Gouitsu (orginal character sprites), Monterrio Ashmore (original character sprites), "Z" (original character sprites).


This game started out as a way to become more familiar with Java. Although it's expanded well beyond this original goal, I still consider the project's purpose largely academic. It's not my intention to make a "product." Rather, I view players and testers as generous volunteers interested in helping me learn how to communicate and bug test within the context of a software project.

Known Issues
These are the bugs I'm aware of and may need more information in order to track down. Most of the time, this means I haven't found a way to reproduce them yet, so any help would be greatly appreciated. If you encounter any of these bugs, please send me a description of what was happening when the bug occurred.

*Sometimes after rapid feeding and animation skipping the food menu won't display some/any buttons
*Sometimes the enemy sprite is invisible
*Sometimes food looks like a vitamin
*Sometimes artifacts appear
*Sometimes the egg skips hatching - the fastest clock speed may play a role (until I figure out the cause, if this happens open debug menu and go back in time)
*Sometimes the ip text field is limited to 7 characters

Development Plan

  • Feature complete
  • Game content (Digimon, items, maps)
  • Game stability and polish
  • Game content (Digimon, items, maps)
  • Android version
  • Finalized game guide
  • Online server
  • Dev tools
Newest Changes

12/14/20 (Version 1):

*Added mode change as a separate evolution factor and rearranged certain evolutions accordingly
*Changed the way evolution priority works - each variable for evolution has a weight in the config file and attribute values are weighted proportionally based on how close the Digimon's value is at the time of evolution
*Added evolution menu to the main screen
*Added separate temperature and first aid menus to the main screen
*Added DNA acceleration system to affect priority
*Added mini-game for generating DNA
*Evolution menu contains menus for manipulating DNA, checking the status of the Digicore, changing modes, and using evolution items (moved digimentals here)
*The digicoreMenuConfig file customizes that menu for individual Digimon
*The digicore will move faster the closer the Digimon is to evolution; if it can't evolve or after it fails to evolve, the core will move slower the closer it is to death
*The digicore menu background will change according to the highest DNA a Digimon has or it will default to the Digimon's field
*Fulfilling each DNA requirement increases priority by the amount in the config file, and fulfilling every DNA requirement increases priority again
*DNA requirements aren't necessary for evolution, but fulfilling every DNA requirement will replace one failed requirement (the Digimon must still train at least the total amount of attribute power required, although having a specific distribution of the stats can be partially forgiven by DNA)
*Added new evolution requirements: saved from death, majority food, fought certain amount of certain stage, number of reincarnations
*Changed X-Antibody requirement to a normal requirement
*Option to change background color of window, allowing certain screen capture software to work correctly
*Fixed a bug causing yawning and reactions to the weather to sometimes skip animations
*Added the ability to evolve into the egg stage
*Added digitama to evolution tree
*Fixed bug where dying/evolving could be interrupted
*Fixed bug where tournaments wouldn't resolve correctly when dying
*Fixed bug where surrendering during a multi battle would cause the Digimon to continue waiting for its turn
*Focus setting now saves correctly
*PvP battles now use the tournament background
*The battle/jogress wait screen now changes depending on whether you're the host or client


*Added failed evolutions to Hyokomon
*Updated cleaning animation
*Added 10 elements (Fire, Water, Ice, Wood, Metal, Dark, Light, Wind, Thunder, Earth) and their icons
*Changed the status menu's layout to add an element icon
*Added an element icon to the evolution tree
*Field affinity now adds offensive bonuses to attacks (+1 to certain matchups), and elemental affinity adds defensive bonuses (-1 to certain matchups) - affinity bonus numbers can be changed in the fieldAffinity and elementAffinity csv files

*Fixed a bug causing attacks to malfunction when battling in a tournament

*Fixed a bug preventing enthusiasm from increasing each hour


*The battle log now records data from your Digimon's every battle and logs the damage dealt and health of each battle participant each turn
*Fixed an error that occurred when clicking the jogress button
*Tweaked various evolutions
*In the evolution tree menu, added an icon over the variables that reset on evolution

*Specified the enemy and player in the battle log

*Added more information to the battle log
*Fixed a bug where the menu wouldn't close when the Digimon refused to go home


*Fixed a bug where the text field limit would revert to 7 after rescaling
*Fixed the description for food supplement


*Removed an unsupported sound file from the mods folder


*Fixed a bug that would sometimes occur after your opponent surrendered and you fought a battle in an adventure map
*Refined AI attack choice
*Fixed a bug where some attack sprites wouldn't account for attribute power changes in battle


*Fixed a bug where attribute values could fall below 0 if a weakened consumable that reduces an attribute is applied


*Fixed a parse error in the config file

*Using a heart recovery item after the Digimon refuses will no longer weaken its effects


*Fixed a bug where jogressing wouldn't work with java version 1.8.0_251

*Fixed a bug where the Digimon would appear to continue walking despite having 0 energy


*Replaced Baalmon's MagnaAngemon evolution with Seraphimon
*Cleaned up PileVolcamon's sprite
*Loading an old save file without a checksum now correctly registers as having modified the game since it was last loaded


*Fixed a bug where non-jogress Digimon could be included in the list of valid evolutions for jogress
*Cleaned up some sprites
*Hid poop when lights are off

(Tournament Version):

*Changed the default shell to a tournament version made by Eiji


*Fixed WereGarurumon and Kuwagamon's sprites
*Practice battles will now increase strength normally
*Decreased the chances of getting bonus energy from 1/10 to 1/20
*Evolutions should now be more likely to prefer those with more requirements

*Fixed a bug where energy could increase twice from training during the Digimon's favorite time
*Returned the bonus energy chance to 1/10

*Made the main window background transparent
*Jogresses are now determined by the host Digimon
*Touched up some sprites


*Fixed a rounding issue with the tired icon


*Caught error when the main view is invisible
*Caught error when the interactive buttons are cleared in the middle of an iteration
*Streamlined sound object and keyboard cursor
*Added the ability to replace the font in the mod folder


*Battles now decrease energy by 1 additional point in every circumstance
*The chance to prevent energy from decreasing now applies whenever energy decreases (and the original prequisites are met). Energy now decreases 1 less instead of not decreasing at all
*Added a mods folder. Files in this folder will replace the default sounds and images of the same name

(Tournament Version)

*Fixed a bug preventing the checksum from generating when the folder name contains a space character


*Caught error thrown by an empty interactive button array, causing certain interactions to malfunction or cause artifacts
*Fixed an out of bounds exception when printing the checksum to the battle log

(Tournament Version)

*Added checksum that is generated when a new file is started
*Now displays checksum to the battle log file
*Updated menu sprites with Eiji's tournament versions
*Unencrypted files can no longer be loaded

Thank you for considering testing this game! If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. I want to make this game a fun and rewarding experience, so please share with me any ideas or criticism you have. I won't know what to improve otherwise.
where is the download link?