Digimon TRIBE (Story and signups)


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Mar 25, 2017
I know I'm new to the site, but still I felt like makin this as a little way to get myself out there and all that, born from an old story idea of mine

At the time of the Digital World's creation, there existed 8 tribes who roamed the land:








And Dark

The eight tribes, while keeping separate, each lived in perfect harmony, helping to cultivate and shape the blank world around them, giving it life that flourished for centuries. With each generation that passed, the 8 tribes would come to mingle together, bringing birth to the Digimon that exist today, the Digital World now larger and more vibrant than it had intially begun as.

However, not all is as perfect as one would hope.

A mysterious plague, a virus, has begun to spread behind the scenes, causing once kind and docile Digimon to become savage and wild, attacking brethren and strangers alike without reason nor control, and none can figure out just what the cause behind it is. With no way to determine who is infected and who is not, and who might be the progenitor of this virus and who may just be a victim, many Digimon have come to distrust each other, leading to a division, much like in the olden times of the 8 Tribes. Only now, harmony has become discord.

However, not all hope is lost, even as destruction and civil war looms on the horizon.

There exists a prophecy, foretold by the 8 leaders of those original tribes:

When the day comes that the Digital World may fall into disarray, 8 prophets shall awaken, and together with the 8 Keys they will find, will herald the return of the 8 leaders and bring harmony back to the Digital World.

8 years ago, 8 Digimon, all recently having woken up with mysterious symbols on their bodies, have gathered together, and, under the guidance of a mysterious mentor, sent out a message, in the hopes that whomever recieves it can help them learn the truth to fulfilling this prophecy. At the time, only one had answered the call.

Present day, the remaining 7 have finally arrived.

In a flash of light, a hole opening up in the sky, 7 individuals from different walks of life have fallen into the Digital World from one similar, yet entirely different to the one the Digimon call home.

These...humans...as they are called, are the missing links needed to find the Keys that will aid the Prophets in fulfilling the prophecy.

You are one of these humans.

You....are a Chosen.

The general idea is the usual "group of kids dropped into the Digital World for some great purpose" spiel, but with a twist in that there's no set age for these Chosen. At the same time, this wont be your usual happy go lucky adventure. Given the theme of the looming civil war amongst digimon, alot of touchy subjects will play a role in this: Class, racism, political subterfuge, and the like. If that makes you uncomfortable, then this might not be for you. However, there will be the lightheartedness and dark humor to be had, especially if choices reflect that.

Rules go as follows:

Dont be a dick

Dont god-mod

GM's word is law unless admins step in and say otherwise

Generally, this would be a medium TV-14, but can get steamy or heated at times. However, it would be best to show some decorum and keep this kinda really hard R stuff to pms.

This RP is completely separate from canon, so no using canon characters as your human.

Fan-made Digimon are preferred (And I DO NOT mean recolors, I mean completely original), but you can use canon or official digimon as long as they are not OP

On that note, All character profiles, especially in regards to fan digimon, MUST BE ACCEPTED AND APPROVED BEFORE YOU START RPING.

Plot points and subplots can be discussed in the OOC thread I'm going to make, so if you wanna try something, bring it up and see how it gels with the others.

Your actions will always have consequences, whether immediate or delayed. So don't expect a character who routinely belittles others or speaks over their Digimon all the time to get instant friends or digivolve any quicker than the others. Instead, expect that kind of character to be the LAST to earn Digivolution

DIGIVOLUTION: How Digivolving works here is that you need at least 10 posts before you are eligible, and even then, the Digivolution must be EARNED in battle, as determined by me, the GM. I will privately message you when you have fulfilled the conditions needed for Evolution.

All posts must be at least a paragraph in length. No one liners or lazy crap like that. The more descriptive you are, the more badass moments you can have: always keep that in mind

Battles occur with one post per player before a reactionary post from the GM, keep in mind that not all attacks will hit and you cannot go through an entire Street Fighter combo stream in the course of one post, especially against stronger opponents.

Aside from that: HAVE FUN

Ill be posting a small post about important terms, and then a post with the application sheets in a moment.


Ain't got no mojo...
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Mar 25, 2017
Important terms


The Digivice used by the Chosen Children. They take on the appearance of semi-flattened computer mice with a circular screen on the surface and a circular trackpad beneath. The bottom half of it can slide out to reveal a small keypad for messaging. These devices double as Analyzers, messaging devices, 3D maps, and storage units to store items found on your journey.

The main body is greyish-white, with colored accents and lining in the color of the Chosen.

Tribal Mark

Mysterious symbols that have appeared on the bodies of 8 Digimon, in the shape of the original markings of the 8 Nomadic Tribes. The purpose behind these symbols is unknown, however those bearing these symbols have been labeled as "Prophets" of some sort. When in battle, there have been rare cases where these symbols will glow and grant the Prophet a boost in power.

The sacred process in which a Digimon undergoes a shift from one level to a higher one in times of great stress or triumph. Often Digivolution is a rare symbol of one's power and prestige in the Digital World, and often Digimon who Digivolve are able to remain at that level for indefinite periods of time.

If that is the case....then why are the Prophets able to digivolve whenever, and change back almost immediately?

Spark Evolution:The digivolution from Rookie to Champion. When both the Chosen and Prophet are in a moment of immense stress, a sudden spark of energy will course between the two via D-5, triggering this digivolution. Shown by sudden sparks of light gathering around the D-5.

??? Evolution: TO BE REVEALED


With the threat of civil war looming over the Digital War as a whole, many areas have been split into territories, or Kingdoms, ironically based around the 8 Tribes. Each Kingdom is ruled by a high leveled Mega Digimon, believed to be descended directly from the original 8.

Digimon who have been corrupted by the mysterious virus plaguing this world. Often denoted by crackling red lines across the body, these digimon have become savage, mindless beasts who's only desire is destruction. As of right now, the source of this virus is unknown, yet blame has been unfairly heaped upon the Nightmare Empire Digimon, aka those of the Dark and Virus attribute.


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Sep 9, 2006
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Mar 25, 2017
Character Profile sheet

This must be filled out in full and approved before you can join

D5 color:
Bio: (Cannot have had any interaction with the digital world prior to being dropped in there)

Digimon Name: (Can only be Rookie Level at start)
Appearance: (If fan-mon)
Attacks: (Up to 2)
Digivolution line:


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Jul 28, 2015
I will sign up. I hope we manage to play this.

Name: Ethan Baker
Age: 20
Gender: male
Appearance: white, blond, spiky hair, green eyes, wears jeans, travelling shoes, black T-shirt and leather jacket
Personality: He has a crude humor. He doesn't take things seriously. He prefers staying alone and don't trust people very much.
D5 color: black
He was in college studying Medicine, but he felt this career wasn't for him. His future was uncertain, and he didn't fee comfortable about it.
In his daylife he was an unlucky guy, almost a loser. But he kept it up disregard the difficulties.

Digimon Name: Tsukaimon
Type: Mammal
Attribute: Virus
Tribe: Dark
Appearance: (If fan-mon)
It's a Digimon from the Darkness, yet it has a fond feeling towards Ethan, what makes it want to protect him. It brings other Digimon and people down with the negative energy it brings, and don't seem to worry about it.
Attacks: Bad Message (makes the opponent cry with insults packed with negative energy), Friendly Fire

Digivolution line: Tsukaimon - Vilemon - Mothumon (http://awkwardklutz.deviantart.com/art/Mothumon-red-eyes-643998116) - Belphemon

Mothumon's description:
Level: Perfect
Attribute: Data

An extremely powerful Rare Animal Digimon widely believed to be a legend. It is rarely seen, but anybody who comes across it feels a sudden and desperate obsession that rids them of their fighting spirit ("Mania"). Although it usually keeps to itself, it can scatter huge amounts of negative energy to spread misfortune around if it has to ("Disaster Caster").

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