Digimon the Movie Promotional Slides! Scans of Posters and a Still!


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
A fun little 'not quite a breakdown'.

With it being the 19th anniversary of Digimon the Movie it seemed like a good time to jump in with some scans of something a bit special.

We have a small handful of promotional slides for Digimon the Movie. These film slides have imagery from the movie that would have been sent to newspapers, magazines, etc. so that they had decent quality imagery if they wanted to write about the movie.

I got ahold of these a couple months ago and scanned them pretty quickly, but due to general busy-ness just didn't have the time to finish them up and write about them, but this seemed like a good time with it being the anniversary of the film coming out.

Scanning was done at a high quality, and compressed and shrunk to reasonable sizes, along with reasonable quality JPG compression. I've explained my workflow in my personal thread and will answer any questions involving it or the processes used.

A small change from most scans is needing to scan these so light went through the right way to maximize the way light hit the film and overall image quality. Luckily my normal scanner has a handful of optional pieces you can move around that makes it a film scanner (and even included mounting pieces to put the slides in.)

I did some cleaning of nicks and dirt, but didn't clean everything, and I didn't crop the edges as cleanly as I normally would have, as keeping some of the stuff, especially around the edges, felt like it was keeping a bit of them being slides.

The slides are of differing degrees of quality of what was actually on the filmstock, so let's go from worst to best...

The movie poster for Digimon the Movie. The movie poster itself has been discussed many times for it's various oddities. The slide itself is a reasonably clean version with just the logo elements and no other text. The movie logo was the original version, rather than the later revised, which isn't a shock.

The quality of this one wasn't great, but still nice to have. The 2 Terriermons on the front approve, or they're angry, it's hard to tell.

Next up is one that there aren't many nice copies of.

The main poster art for Children's War Game! The second Digimon movie ended up as the second component for Digimon the Movie. It's a really nice image, and most versions of it we have are either not great quality or have logos and promotional text all over it.

This one looks pretty good overall. The main issue with this one is there was no way to straighten it and crop it tight without losing some of the art on the side, so the edge of the film has been left in.

The last slide is a bit different...

The last slide is a promotional screenshot from Hurricane Touchdown (the 3rd part of Digimon the Movie) that we've seen on packaging and elsewhere (normally very small and at an angle, and often with parts of it cut off), but the key thing about this is... it isn't actually a screenshot. It's a marketing still. It's a high quality shot meant to show off the movie that was made with it never really being planned to be part of the film.

This one you can spot pretty easily if you have Digimon the Movie on DVD. It's on the back side of the packaging very small (as this shot was most times it was shown.) This one was the highest quality slide. It felt a bit fun to have this one with good quality, so the final image was left larger than normal.

One more image...

When I was making sure I had the scanner setup right, I scanned these 2 that came together without putting them in the mount, or even removing them from the plastic sleeve. Thought it made a good overall look at what these looked like when they are getting light.

Not a lot of images overall, but it's interesting and fun to still find things in ways and (in the case of the still) quality people haven't seen it at before. We're continuing to try and track down more stuff to archive.

This was just a bit of fun for the day the movie came out!

We recently did a breakdown of the original DVD release.

Lots of Digimon stuff is coming out soon and supporting us via our Patreon or donations would be greatly appreciated so that we can do more breakdowns and improve the site. Feel free to join us in the Discord if you want to chat.

The scans can also be found in the gallery, along with a few additional photos of the packaging.

The scans are very small compared to the master scans I did (the work and backup folder structure for the scans and screencaps is roughly 15.8 gigs.) The scans overall weren't large, but I scanned each one multiple times while figuring out various settings, etc. and then stashed the film slides away.

More things to come!

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I'd rather roll
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Nov 18, 2011
That Wendimon art is amazing and Our War Game is so iconic these are a nice find ! It's so great seeing them inhigh res.


I'm going digital
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Apr 20, 2017
Bayport, NY
I never got to see the film in theaters. I saw it when it came out on home video in 2001.