Digimon Talk at Megahobby Expo 2020 Updates


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Sep 8, 2006

The Digimon talk at Megahobby Expo 2020 Online begins in roughly half an hour from the time of this post. Megahobby Expo 2020 has one main stream, which is already live, just not with Digimon content at the moment.

The talk will be focusing on Digimon related figures, with Digimon Adventure specifically named.

A large focus on the VS figure of Omegamon and Diablomon announced yesterday wouldn't be a big surprise.

The guests at the event will be:
Chiaka Matsuzawa, host of various Digimon events and cameoed in tri.
Kenji Watanabe, longtime Digimon designer
the Megahouse planning manager (this is likely the same one who has shown up at a number of similar events, and has generally gone unnamed)
Victory Uchida- an editor for V-Jump who often does things with connected brands. Uchida has long been associated with Digimon, to the degree he appeared in Cyber Sleuth, including the ability to unlock his custom V headwear.

They also tease there may be a nice present/surprise.

We'll update with details as we get them, with big announcements also getting their own threads.

The big news is of course, the new Omegamon vs. Diablomon figure, which they have the color prototype with them to show off.

The Megahouse planning manager is there also! In disguise... sort of.

The Precious GEM MegalGreymon figure to show the size of the new figure.

They were moving around a camera close up to show details on the figure. It was very jittery and screencaps don't look so good, maybe better ones after they archive the stream..

Going over Precious GEM MetalGarurumon & Yamato being rereleased, as we found out before.

Victory Uchida appears and announces that the Adventure: crossover chapter of V-Tamer will be added to the digital version of V-Tamer Volume 9.

They'll be giving away a Kenji Watanabe shikishi. He's working on it right now.

The finished shikishi.

It will be given away via this trivia form, but I didn't catch the question(s).

After a bit more talking they reintroduced themselves as they said goodbye.

Stream is over.

A fun little stream, with unexpected V-Tamer news, which is always something Digimon fans like to hear.


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Feb 4, 2018
Did Watanabe draw this guy’s fursona for him?