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Sep 8, 2006
Quite a bit of news lately...

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We got a few chunks of news out of Megahobby Expo this week, plus recently there has been a lot of Digimon related news, so it seemed like it was time for a news index.

But first up, we have additional info from the Digimon Talk that was at Megahobby Expo 2019 Autumn. The friend of the site who sent in the info requested not to be credited by name, but thanks for the report. (Various edits for clarity and readability were made by me, along with confirming a few additional details from the person who sent in the information.)

On hand to MC was Chiaki Matsuzawa, who has hosted DigiFes a few times, along with cameoing in tri. Kenji Watanabe, longtime Digimon designer was also on hand, along with Tenya Yabuno, V-Tamer artist and designer of a number of Digimon characters. A Megahouse representative who works on the Digimon figures also ended up being part of the panel discussion, but it appears his name wasn't caught.

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Watanabe and Yabuno met when the manga originally started, and have gone out drinking many times since them.

They also pointed out, in case anyone in the audience was unaware, that Yabuno was the original designer for Taichi.

After basic introduction stuff, they talked quite a bit about products, including the ULForceV-dramon figure.

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The Megahouse representative in charge of the figure was on hand (he was also on hand last talk when they first showed the prototype) and mentioned he was careful to make sure the armor on the figure had a metallic finish that felt 'just right' for Blue Digizoid.

Due to a misunderstanding, he thought Watanabe had designed ULForce, and sent him a number of design related questions. Watanabe passed those questions on to Yabuno.

One of the things he wanted to know was if ULForce's gray horns were organic or metal. Yabuno has first considered them organic, but he liked the idea of them being metal more in the end.

The Megahouse representative said the cubes on the base were actually inspired by the background pattern from the original V-Tamer manga. He thought it was cool how you turned a page and 'bam', the evolution was complete in one page.

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They pulled out the Wormmon plush at this point to announce it.

They then did an entire section devoted to reading GEM figures fans wanted and had asked for. These won't necessarily be made, but these are ones that fans had requested, with occasional character related details.: (It wasn't specified where the requests came from, but Megahouse often has space to fill out requests in product surveys.)

Agunimon- Watanabe commented about Frontier's background, and how there was a goal to do something new and unique each year, and how for Frontier they were told to do something other shows haven't, but to try and avoid Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. He feels like the end result was very Saint Seiya.

V-Tamer Taichi and Zeromaru was one that people also wanted.

A set of ULForceV-dramon Future Mode and Omegamon. Everyone on the panel commented that the Omegamon GEM is bigger than the ULForce GEM, so they began to ask Yabuno if Future Mode is larger than normal ULForce. He laughed and said he didn't know, but he would guess bigger.

A Leomon and Ogremon set.

An Omegamon and Alphamon Ouruken set.

An Omegamon and Diablomon set.

A WarGreymon and Mugendramon set.

They ended this section by asking Yabuno what GEM figures he wanted to see:

He seconded the vote for a V-Tamer Taichi figure.

XV-mon and AeroV-dramon. He liked having them both appear when he did the V-Tamer/02 crossover.

At the end they gave away 2 shikishi. One was the ULForceV-dramon drawing by Yabuno (which was actually a digital drawing.) this is the same one that was on display with the figure in images.

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The other was a hand drawn Wormmon by Watanabe. This was actually done to match the style of the shikishi last time, that was to commemorate the release of the BlackWarGreymon GEM and the Mochimon plush. It had a lot of metallic gold marker accents and Wormmon was featured in a big gold heart. The winner of the shikishi actually posted a nice photo of it on Twitter so everyone could see it.

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There is a 3rd shikishi, but there is no mention of what happened to it (Chiaki Matsuzawa posted an image of it to social media, so it's possible it was given to her as a gift for hosting.) This shikishi was signed by the panelists, a drawing of Taichi by Yabuno, and a drawing of Agumon by Watanabe.

Thanks again to our anonymous friend for sending in the event report.

Now for the actual news catchup, including a few things discussed above...

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A MetalGreymon GEM prototype was shown off at Megahobby Expo 2019 Autumn.

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We finally got to see Precious GEM UlForceV-dramon in color

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Stuffed Collection Limited Wormmon was announced!

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Digimon Chronicle X Update- Chapter 26!- The last chapter of Chronicle X we get until next March, this was the first appearance of Jesmon GX!

We've gotten various updates for Chronicle X and the new V-Pets in fact:
Art for Jazarichmon & CrysPaledramon
Art for Metallicdramon, with larger art for NoblePumpmon (plus art for Pumpmon and social media art for 'Good Meat Day')
The final secret Digimon, Hexeblaumon, was formally revealed for the X3!

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The LB Theater Pop-Up Shop is open until January. A bunch of new Digimon products are on sale, plus screenings of shorts!

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Battle Spirits Digimon Last Evolution Card Booster Set- The set was announced and shortly after we got our first details for it.

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A 3rd GraffArts collaboration was announced. This time we get new art for Adventure and 02, with quite a few products!

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As we found out awhile back, Digimon Fusion is gone from Netflix.


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Nov 18, 2011
I hope they do more chosen kids and child digimon GEMs of characters that we havent seen before.

Everything else looks so amazing but I cant afford it lol.