Digimon: Super Mario Tamers (Chapters 1-4 Update)

Tortured Soul

I'm going digital
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Sep 9, 2006
America: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
*Transfers story to the new forums*

I got this idea from a dream I had! This story is about 5 characters from the Mario games who get digimon and go on a quest to destroy the evil presence cuasing digimon to go insane and destroy everything!

***** Means scene change!

Writer:Tortured Soul

Chapter One: Partners unite

"Mamamia, I'm gonna be late" Mario says running down a dirt road torwards a big castle! Mario enters the castle huffing and puffing! "Peach.... I'm.... here...." he says out of breath!
"Oh Mario you made it" peach says in a happy tone! "Wheres Luigi?" she asks!

"I dunno" Mario says, "He wasn't home"

"I give up" someone says in a deep voice! "Whenever I get close he always manages to stop me, I guess I'll just go tell him I've gave up my evil ways!" The strange person walks out of the ruined building and starts heading down a dirt road!

Luigi was meditating on a log in the middle of the forest when he remembers something! "Gah I totaly forgot!" Luigi yells out loud! he runs out of the peacful woods and onto a dirt road! He sees someone, "Whos that?" he says out loud! As he nears his face pales, "Oh no its Bowser!"

Luigi speeds up and finnaly arrives at the castle! "M...Mario.... peach" He says out of breath, "Bowsers coming this way!"

Mario runs down the stairs! "WHAT!!!" He yells out.

A little person with a mushroom head runs into the room. "Oh my god Bowser coming" it yells out!

Peach, Mario, Luigi , And Toad run outside to see him approaching the castle!

"What do you want?" Mario yells out!

"I've come to tell you", He gets a look of emberassment on his face and looks down to the ground, "I'm giving up my evil ways!"

Thay all stare at him like he's on crack.

"Ya right" Luigi yells out.

But everyone gets distracted by the sky going all goofy looking!

"Whats going on?" Peach asks!

"I have no clue" Mario replies.

All of the sudden theres a flash of light! After the light fades the group sees 5 strange monsters standing in front of them, And they were also all now holding devices of some kind in one hand and a deck of cards in the other!

"What the" Mario says looking at the devices and then at the

"Hey wait a minute this ain't the human world" one of the monsters says! "Ya where the heck are we?" another one blurts out! The monsters notice the devices in the groups hands! "Well we found the Our tamers another one says!"

"Tamers?" Toad sad couriusly.

"I have absolutely nothing to do with this" Bowswer says

"You've been chosen to be tamers" one of the monsters says!

"What are you?" Peach asks

"We're digimon" they all say at the same time!

The digimon go in diffrent directions walking up to each of the Mario characters!

"Im Agumon" one of them says after walking up to Bowser!

"Im Leormon" the one by Mario blurts out

"And Im Gabumon" Another one says while approaching Luigi!

"You can call me Palmon" one says to Peach

"And who are you?" Toad says to the last one!

"Im Gomamon" It says

"What do you all want?" Luigi asks

"We need your help" Gabumon says, "The digital world is being taken over, Somethings making all the digimon turn evil!"

"How can we help though?" asks Mario in a confused tone

"With those devices in your hand you can help us digivolve" Leormon says, "You are all a team"

"WHAT!!!" Toad yells, "We have to team up with Bowser?!"

"Um... I guess says" Gomamon

They all Glare at Bowser who gets a little shaky from their glares!

"So what are the cards for?" Bowser asks with everyone still glaring at him

"There Mod Cards" Agumon replies, "with them you can power us up and heal us! You swipe them on the Digivice like a credit card!"

"Whats a digivice" Mario asks

"Whats a credit Card?" says luigi

Agumon sweatdrops, "You don't know what a credit card is?! Nevermind! The digivice is the thing your holding!"

Their conversation is ended by a giant dinosuar coming out of nowhere!

"Oh no its Tyrannamon" Palmon yells out

Agumon runs at it! "Pepper breath" Agumon shoots a small flame at tyrannamon but it barely effects him!

Bowser falls over luaghing! "Watch this", Bowser runs up next to Agumon and starts breathing fire! The tyrannamon backs up and yells in pain!

Agumon stares Jelously at how good bowser can breath fire!

Poison Ivy, Blue Blaster, Pepper Breath, Critical Bite, (I forgot Gomamon's attack )! All the digimon give it their best shot but it doesnt work and bowser is finnaly tired out from breathing fire!

"Now what?" Mario says

Bowser trys swiping a random card and to his surprise he did it right!


Bowsers mouth along with the others drop open! "Wow"

"Nova Blast" Greymon yells out as a large fire blast shoots out of his Gaping mouth and destroys the Tyrannamon!

Greymon dedigivolves into Agumon holding his stomach! "Got any food?" he asks

They all go into the castle and eat

Next Chapter:The Digital World

Chapter 2: The Digital World

After stuffing themselves the gruop resumes their conversation!

"So what is this digital world place you were talking about?" Mario asks curiously

"Its a diffrent world where tons of diffrent digimon live, But some dark force is taking over the digimon turning them into evil killing machines" Leormon says in a sad tone

"How do we get there?" Luigi asks

"Do you have a computer?" Gabumon replies

"I do" Bowser says in an excited tone, "Its at my house"

"Lets go then" Gabumon says

The group of ten heads off to Bowsers house! They arrive and when they enter they see tons of screens and control panels, Like a lab!

"Right this way" Bowser says leading them into another room, "Right here" he says pointing at a small computer!

"Now what?" Toad asks

"Hold your digivice up to the computer!" Gabumon says

They all do but nothing happens!

"Oh ya say digiport open" Gabumon says with his eyes closed and a smile om his face!

"Digiport open" All the tamers say at the same time

Theres a blinding flash of light! The light clears!

"Wooow, Where are we?" Peach says in amazement

"This is the digital world" Palmon replies

"Its so beautiful" Peach says still in amzement!

Bowser stares at a patch of flowers! "I hate flowers" he says in an irritated tone

everyone gets startled by a small explosion in the forest! They all run in that direction and when they arrive they find a giant buglike digimon destroying a villige!

"Thats Kuwagamon" Gomamon says in a terrified tone, Hes a champion level digimon

Bowser and Agumon run up and do their team fire thing with Agumon's fireballs and Bowser's fire breath!

"Gah... It aint even effecting him" Bowser yells out

"Poison Ivy", Palmon shoots a bunch of vines out of her hands at the large digimon but Kuwagamon just shrugs them off

"Blue Blaster" Gabumon shoots a blue fireball at the digimon but it doesn't work either

"Nothings working" Luigi says, "Bowser howd you do that card thing?"

"I just picked a random one and slid it through the slit on the side of the digivice"

Luigi grabs a random card and swipes it! "Digi-Modify!" Gabumon gets a giant burst of strength and shoots a medium sized blue firebal at Kuwagamon! The large digimon cringes with pain!

"Lemmie try" Mario says as he swipes a random card! "Digi-modify!" Leormon gets a set of wings and starts flying around but just gets swated to the ground!

Toad noticing the card titles chooses a card! "Digi-Modify.... Evolution activate"


"I did it" Toad yelled out in excitement, Now, He swipes another card! "Dig-Modify... Hyper power activate"!

"Harspeakers Torpedo", Ikkakumon shoots a semi long cone shaped torpedo off of his forehead! It propells through the air with extreme speed becuase of the power boost and stabs into Kuwagamon's neck! The large digimon bursts into data!

They all sigh in releif!

A bunch of small digimon come out of hiding! "You saved us" one of them says, "Thank you so much!"

"It was no problem" toad replies

"We still gotta put the fire out" Peach says

Toad searches through his cards, Aha! Digi-Modify... Aqua cannon activate

Ikkakumon gets a cannon straped to his back! "Water Blast" he yells out as water sprays from the cannon on his back putting out the fire!Ikkakumon then dedigivolves into Gomamon.

"Where should we go now?" Mario asks

"Well that weird looking black cloud over in that direction looks like a interesting place to go" Bowser says pointing to the west

They all head off in the direction of the black cloud!

"I wonder what the cuase of the cloud is" toad says, "That don't look like any storm cloud I've ever seen"

"Theres no way thats a storm cloud" peach says

After walking down a trail for a while in the forest they all find another villige but with diffrent digimon!

"These are Motimon" Agumon says

"We should get some rest before we continue on" Bowser said with everyone still creeped out from him acting nice

They find a large hotel and all get rooms!
"Master they are now currently in Motimon village" a digimon says

"Hmmm they managed to make it past Kuwagamon!" says someone in a harsh crackaly voice

Next Chapter: Champions Unite

Chapter 3:Champions Unite

Morning arrives and everyone gets up and meets outside of the hotel.

"We should get going now" Mario suggests

They all nod their heads in agreement And then get back on the trail they took from the first villige.

Toad shows everyone which card makes their digimon digivolve.

"I wish there was a card for transportation" Peach says

The tamers continue on their path! and get stopped by a group of digimon!

"Gah, Its Meramon, Devimon, And Frigimon" Palmon says

*All Tamers at once* "Digi-Modify, Evolution activate!"






The 5 digimon attack!

"Sub Zero Ice Punch", Frigimon punches Togemon freezing her almost instantly

"Togemon no" Peach yells out

Devimon flys in for an attack! Ikkakumon and Garurumon try and attack him.

"Harpoon Torpedo"

"Howling Blaster"

Devimon dodges the attacks easily and counters!

"Evil Claw" Devimon slices Garurumon's side and it starts to bleed

"Aaaaaah" Garurumon cries out in pain

"Thunder Of The Gods"

"Nova Blast"

Meramon dodges Leormon's attack and then absorbs Greymon's!

"Peach here" Toad says to Peach handing her a card

"Digi-Modify, Heat activate! Togemon gets unfrozen

"Needle Spray" Togemon shoots a bunch of needles at Devimon and he cringes with pain!

"You"ll pay for that" Devimon says

"Harpoon Torpedo", Ikkakumon shoots another horn at Devimon, The horn hits him and explodes!

"Gah...You little"

"Thunder Of The Kings", A large bolt of lightning comes out of nowhere and strikes Devimon! Devimon screams in pain and by now is kneeling.

Time to finish you Bowser says with a smile on his face! "Digi-Modify, Hyper Power activate!"

"Nova Blast", Greymon shoots a large fire beam/blast at Devimon completely ahnilelating him as he bursts into data! (Like that of Greymon in the first digimon movie)

"Magma Bomb" Meramon shouts as A large ball of fire comes out of nowhere and flys at Togemon but shes manages to dodge it by an inch

Bowser runs up to Frigimon! "Take this", Bowser starts breathing fire and completely melts Frigimon before data particles rise from his puddle

"Only one left" Toad says swiping a card! Digi-Modify, Auqa Cannon activate!

Ikkakumon gets a large cannon on his back! "Water Blast", Ikkakumon hits meramon directly with a large stream of water!

Meramon bursts into data!

All the digimon dedigivolve and The tamers sigh in releif of winning.

"Well lets get going" Peach says

The tamers continue walking down the path.

"Bowser that was pretty cool how you dispatched that Frigimon" Luigi says

"No autographs...please" Bowser replies

The others start luaghing.

NextChapter: Tradgedy Strikes

Chapter 4: Tragady Strikes

The group continues walking down their path And see what appears to be a clearing or the end of the forest!

"Well we made it out of the forest" Mario says before seeing the large cliff in between them and the other side

"How are we gonna get across that thing? Thats gotta be at least 250 feet down and 15 yards across!" Bowser says

Bowser looks at Luigi and then his eyes widen! "Is that a joint?"

Luigi hears that and runs into the forest!

"Didn't anyone teach you to share?" bowser yells out while chasing after him

The others all sweatdrop!

While the two were gone the others 3 tried thinking of a way to cross the cliff!

"Why didn't I think of that to begin with?" Toad says! Mario, "Liamon can probally jump that and take us across one by one"

Bowser returns in a slow movement! He points at a tree, "Hey look its pinnnochio"

"Who are you calling Pinnochio" a voice in the tree yells out as Luigi gets back!

Everyone gets startled!

"Well now that your all here lets get down to buisness" The small figure says

The digimon become paler than ever!

"I...Its P...Puppetmon" Gomamon manages to say, "Hes a Mega level digimon!"

"He don't look very harmful!" Mario says. Mario slaps himself, "Aaaaw what the!"

"I have the power to controll people" Puppetmon says

The tamers pale and then all strike weird poses!

"First off, lets get rid of them cards" Puppetmon says in an evil tone. "Agumon mind starting a fire?" At those words under the controll of Puppetmon Agumon shoots a fireball at a patch of grass! "Good Agumon" Puppetmon says, Now to destroy those cards! The others struggle to fight but he over powers them and forces them all to throw their cards into the fire and watch them burn! puppetmon luaghs histerically!

"Hmm what to do now" Puppetmon says thinking

At those words Luigi, Toad, Gabumon, And Gomamon all walk up to the edge of the cliff and jump off, They fall a good 250 feet into a white water river!

The others look in horror!

"My time here is done" puppetmon says and then leaves!

The others run up to the edge of the cliff!

"Do you think they'll survive?" Mario asks


The two float down the river in critically bad conditions and washup on a shore both unconsios!

"Whats that?" An Elecmon says while sitting on a log, "Oh my god"

Luigi slowly wake up in a bed with bandages on his left arm forehead and torso! "W....Where am I?" Luigi says out loud

"This is primary villige" the Elecmon replies!

Luigi sees Toad in the next bed over waking up!

"What happend?" the Elecmon asks

"We were attacked by a Puppetmon" luigi says, "Wait wheres Gabumon?"

Elecmon point a couple beds down from Toad!

Luigi trys to get up but is injured way too bad to even move! Toad wakes up.

"Where am I?" Toad asks, Ugh, And where Gomamon

"Primary villige" Elecmon replies, "And Gomamons over in there" he says pointing at a bed. "You two are pretty banged up and I think it will be a while until you guys can continue to wherever you were going"

"I wonder how far down the river we drifted" Luigi blurts out

"I wonder hoe the others are doing" Toad says


"We should go look for them" Bowser says

Lets cross this canyon first! Mario replies

"How?" Peach asks, "Our digimon can't digivolve anymore"

Next Chapter: Ultimates Emerge

What do you think of my story? PLEASE POST SOME COMMENTS


I'm going digital
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Sep 9, 2006
Wow..Um..You're a fast one eh? n_n"

Tortured Soul

I'm going digital
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Sep 9, 2006
America: Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Ain't got no mojo...
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Sep 9, 2006
Ahh....well, I saw this on the old With the Will forums, and I didn't bother to say anything. However, since the Writings forum needs support, I'll give you my honest opinion.

I don't like this. It's very hard for me to read. You really need to make sure you spell check before you post. That's not the only problem though. Grammar, punctuation...you use it sometimes, and then other times it completely disappears. I'll leave my criticism at that...let's get to the story.

I can't really enjoy the story because it feels like...how should I say this...it feels like I'm reading an RPG text battle. Things are going by too quickly without description. I know this is a Digimon forum, but what if someone doesn't know what your Digimon looks like? Even a gentle reminder, describing a yellow mini t-rex, or a lion standing on its legs with pants and a sword...that would really help. Your story suffers from your writing style. I'm not expecting a novel, and it's great for a quick read but....it just doesn't feel like enough work has been put into it.

My apologies, but...I think you could do better.