Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Tamer's Truth

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May 10, 2020
After some consideration, I decided I wanted to start work on a Cyber Sleuth AU. I've already finished the first chapter, and it ended up much longer than expected: 9 freaking pages in Microsoft Word. I'm curious how people might think I did so far, so let's get to it!

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Tamer’s Truth
“Enjoy Chat!” Kosuke’s computer sounded after he opened the app. “Welcome to Enjoy Chat!” In no time at all, he managed to find the chat room he created, Lucky Crossing, as he tuned out his Digivice. He selected the icon for the room, which was a river with a bridge, and then he entered the password for the week: TrU7h.

The wait for the blue progress bar to fill was short as the password was quickly verified. The lock came undone as the app welcomed him in. As he entered the chat room, he caught sight of several messages, but hadn’t been able to make many of them out.

tempest_wizard: That trailer was so epic!
G4M3K1D: I know! I can’t wait for that game to come out!

Kosuke barely paused at the talk of a new game. Deciding he would find out more later, he dove deeper. He stopped when he found the usual group he chatted with in a circle. Seeing there was enough space for his avatar, he quickly joined in.

KaSa: Oh hey CR055!

Kosuke blinked in mild surprise as someone beat him to saying hello. Then he realized who it was. KaSa always got off a greeting the chat before anyone else. Sometimes, it made him look bad. Her avatar had a circular head and a somewhat triangular body. A crescent moon stuck out from her avatar’s head.

$unn`/: We were just talking about you.

Kosuke smirked. He wasn’t usually the topic of conversation. He quickly typed up a message of his own.

CR055: I was just trying to come up with next week’s password.
CR055: What’s going on?
KaSa: Not much. We were just wondering why you hadn’t shown up yet.
$N4CK: Yeah, you’re usually here before either KaSa or $unn`/.
CR055: I may or may not have made a mistake when I went shopping earlier.
CR055: …And then I may or may not have ran back to the store. LOL

Kosuke watched as various laughing responses were made to his blatant confession. $unn`/’s avatar shook its sun-shaped head.

$unn`/: What was the mistake?
CR055: Well I went shopping for a new pair of pants…
CR055: …and somehow managed to buy a dress instead!
KaSa: Wait, really?
G@73: How did that happen?
$unn`/: GG

Kosuke paused for a moment before typing his response.

CR055: Just kidding! I was picking out a snack for myself for later.
CR055: I grabbed the wrong one by mistake and had to go back to exchange it.
“Mr. Navit” has logged in.

Kosuke jumped in surprise as a saw poked through the floor before opening up a hole. The well-known EDEN mascot popped out of the hole. He had a sleek metal body with a screen for a face displaying EDEN in green, yellow, red, and blue letters before switching to a magenta smiling face.

Mr. Navit: Yooo, what’s up, people!
G@73: Woah! What’s EDEN’s mascot doing here?
$unn`/: Yeah, isn’t this a private room?
CR055: So much for the security, huh Mr. Hacker?
KaSa: Wait, for real?

Mr. Navit’s head shook, tilting from side to side as he continued.

Mr. Navit: That’s right! I’m Mr. Navit the Hacker!
Mr. Navit: I have a fantastic present for all of you!
Mr. Navit: Be sure to log in to EDEN tomorrow!
Mr. Navit: Don’t forget, now! If you don’t login, I’ll hack you!!
Mr. Navit: Buh-bye, now!
“Mr. Navit” has logged out.
CR055: What now? We could probably end up getting hacked either way.
$unn`/: I’m going to check it out! Who’s with me?
$N4CK: It’s gotta be a trap, right? Count me out.
G@73: Me too. I don’t want any part of it.

As Kosuke continued to think about his decision, KaSa’s avatar jumped.

KaSa: I want to find out what this is about! Count me in!
$unn`/: That’s two of us! What about you, CR055?

Kosuke nodded to himself as he made his decision. He typed his response.

CR055: I’m game!!

An Altered Tale Chapter 01: A Trio of Rookies
Kosuke waited at EDEN’s Entrance as the first to arrive. Soon, he was approached by a girl about his age. She had black hair tied back in a ponytail, which appeared to be tipped a faint red. A crescent moon necklace hung from her neck. She was clad in a red jacket with a black t-shirt under it and a pair of jeans. Her green eyes met Nosuke’s hazel eyes.

“Are you CR055?” she asked. Nosuke nodded in reply.

“And you must be KaSa. I guess this means we’re just waiting on $unn`/,” he stated. “You look a lot like your Enjoy Chat avatar.”

“I can’t say the same for you,” KaSa pointed out. Suddenly, a boy ran up to them.

“I’m not late am I?” he asked. Kosuke studied the newcomer. He had messy brown hair and blue eyes. He was clad in an orange jacket over a white shirt and black pants.

“Were we told a time?” Kosuke asked KaSa. The girl shook her head. “Well beats me then. I’m Kosuke Watanabe, but you guys know me as CR055.”

“KaSa is actually just an abbreviation for my name. I’m Kazue Sato,” KaSa introduced herself.

“And I’m Hinata Kimura, the face behind $unn`/,” the newcomer stated.

“Before we meet with Mr. Navit the hacker, I have something I should tell you both,” Kosuke mentioned. “I’m actually a hacker myself. I don’t have any Digimon programs, so I have to do my hacking the hard way.”

“You were a hacker this whole time?” Hinata asked. Kosuke nodded.

“I wanted you guys to know in case anything happens. I should also warn you to be wary of hacker you don’t know, even if it does shoot me in the foot,” he stated. “We still don’t know what Mr. Navit is up to. For all we know-” Kosuke was then interrupted when his Digivice began ringing. A projection of the EDEN mascot appeared when he answered it.

“Hey there! It’s me, Mr. Navit!” Mr. Navit spoke.

“…Speak of the devil,” Kosuke sighed.

“It looks like you’re all here! I’ll be waiting at Galacta Park in Kowloon!” the mascot mentioned. “I have a gift for all of you, but everyone has to be there first! Buh-bye!” The call abruptly ended.

“Kowloon? Isn’t that the dangerous are full of hackers?” Kazue asked.

“Yeah, not that I’ve been there myself,” Kosuke answered. “I’m sending you the URL. Whatever happens, we’re in this together.”

Truth. That’s something I’ve been looking for for a long time now, Kosuke thought as he flew through EDEN. It’s the search for truth that caused me to become a hacker in the first place. Sometimes the truth is out in broad daylight. Sometimes, it can be covered up, buried under lies, half truths, and corruption. When that happens, you have no choice but to dig for it.

Sometimes, that means hacking. For me, this is one of those times. They called it an accident, an unsanctioned experiment gone wrong, but I know better. What really happened all those years ago? I’ll do anything to find the answer to that.
Kosuke landed. Kowloon was blue with floating blocks pretty much everywhere except Galacta Park. It looked more like an abandoned playground.

For now though, my friends and I need to find out what this is about, Kosuke thought as he watched Hinata and Kazue land next to him.

“So this is the spot, huh?” Hinata stated. “Looks pretty creepy.”

“I don’t see Mr. Navit anywhere though,” Kazue stated.

“Give him a minute. He’ll probably call again,” Kosuke suggested. As anticipated, Nosuke’s Digivice rang again. The hacker immediately answered it, and Mr. Navit appeared again.

“So very sorry if I’ve kept you waiting. I’m Mr. Navit! I’ve got something for all you good boys and girls who showed up here today!” the EDEN mascot announced. “This is the miraculous power to change the world!” The trio watched s their avatars flickered with static.

“Wait, what’s going on?” Kazue asked.

“We’ve been hacked!” Nosuke exclaimed.

“A new program has been installed: Digimon Capture!” their Digivices spoke in unison.

“Tch. So much for my firewall,” Nosuke said.

“Digimon Capture?” Hinata echoed.

“It’s a hacking tool popular with hackers. I hadn’t gotten my hands yet, but I didn’t expect to get it like this,” Nosuke explained.

“Wait, so when you say ‘Digimon,' you mean those scary programs hackers use?!” Kazue asked. Nosuke nodded as he pulled up few displays.

“It says you can ‘capture’ a certain type of data called ‘Digital Monsters’ by scanning,” he explained. “Digimon being short for Digital Monster of course.”

“Then does this mean that Hinata and I have become hackers?!” Kazue asked.

“Well having the program certainly marks us as hackers, but that doesn’t mean we have to use it, even if it was forcefully installed,” Nosuke explained. “Of course, I plan to take full advantage of this.”

“For now, I want to see where this goes,” Hinata stated. “It doesn’t look like we can delete it anyway.”

“Force-deleting it is probably a bad idea. No telling what might happen,” Nosuke warned.

“Well if I’m stuck with it, then I say we find Mr Navit and see if we can get him to talk,” Kazue stated. Hinata then caught sight of something moving.

“Hey was that the person behind Mr. Navit?” he asked.

“If so, then lets go after him together!” Nosuke suggested before running deeper into Kowloon. His friends nodded to each other before following. Eventually, they caught up to a silver-haired boy dressed in a white and gray.

“You there! Did you call us here?!” Hinata asked. The boy turned, his gray eyes locking onto the group.

“Perhaps,” the boy responded. “I exist to guide those who are lost, like you.”

“And what makes you think that any of us are lost?” Nosuke queried.

“I know about your desperate search, truth seeker,” the boy mentioned. Nosuke’s eyes widened as he stepped back in surprise. “The three of you have had a program installed called Digimon Capture. As your friend already mentioned, it marks you as hackers, but you are still merely fledgling hackers. There are a wide variety of hackers here in EDEN. Chivalrous ones who find and report security holes, thieves who steal accounts for money and data, and even those who want to test their skills. Truly, a wide variety.” The boy paused as he looked at Kazue and Hinata.

“What about you?” he asked. “What kind of hacker do you want to be?”

“Kind of hard to answer that when we don’t even know if we want to become hackers,” Kazue pointed out. The boy smirked.

“You truly are fledgling hackers if that is your response. Not even hatched from your eggs yet,” he stated. “Whether or not you decide to be a hacker or do something else is up to you. You received the Digimon Capture program, so I imagine that you’re curious about it. If that’s the case, I recommend you give the remarkable power of these Digimon programs a try.”

“Well, we are in this together, and we already know Kosuke wants to…” Hinata mentioned. The boy nodded in understanding.

“To commemorate your births as fellow hackers-to-be…” The boy looked up to some of the strange blocks that decorated Kowloon. “I shall present you with your first Digimon over there.” The trio followed the boy’s gaze as three creatures emerged from behind the blocks before hopping down to meet them.

“So those are Digimon,” Kosuke noted. Kazue let out a squeal.

“I didn’t know Digimon could look so adorable! I thought they only looked scary!” she exclaimed, earning a chuckle from the others.

“Well she’s sold,” Hinata remarked cheerfully.

“These are three different Digimon, but you each can only choose one,” the silver haired boy stated. Nosuke walked up to the trio of Digimon.

“These guys don’t seem so bad,” he stated as he kneeled in front of the one in the middle. The middle Digimon was a red and blue animal with long pointed ears. As he activated the Digimon Capture program on his goggle Digivice, it was identified as Elecmon. “I want this one.”

“In that case…” Kazue hesitated as she studied the other two. On the left was a white reptilian Digimon wearing a black pelt with white stripes on his back. It had a black horn jutting out of its head and a yellow belly. The one on the right was a black dinosaur looking Digimon with green eyes. “I’ll take this one!” she decided as she ran over to the Digimon on the left. Hinata walked over to the remaining Digimon.

“Guess that just leaves you for me. Let’s get along great!” he told it.

“Now that you have made your decision, it’s time to bring you out of your shells,” the silver haired boy stated. “There are several steps required to obtain a Digimon. If you discover or encounter a Digimon program, run a scan, and then acquire the analyzed data. Those are all done with Digimon Capture. You can use that without any restrictions, but just because you got the analyzed data doesn’t mean the Digimon program itself is yours.”

“Then how do we use that data?” Nosuke asked.

“First you must ‘convert’ it,” the boy answered. “You must launch the Digimon program and implement it in cyberspace, first and foremost. Only then can it serve as a Digital Monster, a hacking program that is not to be trifled with. Unlike Scan, however, Convert is not part of the Digimon Capture application.”

“But that’s not all there is to it, is it?” Hinata asked.

“We hackers finally devised the technique needed, but certain rules were put in place regarding how it’s used. In order to control how this power is exercised,” the silver haired boy mentioned. “Your chosen Digimon programs are still weak, but they will grow in power and Digivolve. As you gain experience as hackers, your programs will become more powerful as well.”

“And with great power comes great responsibility, right?” Kazue summed up. The boy smiled as he nodded in agreement.

“Hackers may be free spirits, but they must never succumb to chaos. Never that,” he stated. “I’m sure a good deal of this went over your heads, but tuck it away in a corner of your months. Besides, merely having Digimon Capture gives you hacker status. It’s a special program, but… a hacker’s abilities, values and goals can all be seen in how well that hacker can use Digimon programs.”

“Sounds like you take being a hacker seriously,” Kosuke noted. The silver haired boy nodded.

“Because protecting the order of EDEN is a hacker’s first duty,” he stated. “It would make me very happy if you would try to become that kind of hacker. After all, hackers have been with EDEN since its inception.”

“What the what?! Hackers have really been in EDEN that long?!” Kazue asked.

“I had no idea,” Kosuke admitted. He then turned to his other friend, who was looking somewhat lost. “I think you’ve lost Hinata though.”

“…Maybe we should just get to the part where we get the Digimon now, and then you can send us rest of the details later in an email or something,” Hinata suggested. The silver haired boy chuckled.

“Seems like the three of you have made up your minds then,” he stated. “Follow the steps. Start with a scan. Have Digimon Capture running and target a-” He was cut off as a roar seemed to fill the area. Then a large black dragon Digimon crashed down. “That’s twice today. I’m starting to think this may be personal.” Kosuke quickly put himself between Devidramon and Elecmon. “What are you doing?!” the silver haired boy asked.

“Protecting the Digimon,” Kosuke stated as his friends followed his example. Digimon Capture identified the demonic dragon as Devidramon.

“Crimson Claw!” Devidramon’s claws headed straight for Kosuke.

“Machinedramon!” Kosuke had ducked only for the attack to be blocked by a large metal arm. “Looks like I’ve found three more soft touches,” the silver haired boy stated as Kosuke studied the own of the metal arm. It was a large dragonic robot Digimon.

“Three more?” Hinata echoed.

“There was another earlier that pulled the same stunt,” the silver haired boy replied. Devidramon roared in defiance. Then the three smaller Digimon ran out in front of their respective protectors. “It seems the Digimon I prepared want to fight with you,” the silver haired boy noted.

“Then it’s settled. We’re all in this together! Right, Elecmon?” Kosuke asked. The red Digimon nodded in agreement before falling onto all-fours and fanning out its tail.

“Agumon, go in from the side!” Hinata ordered his dinosaur Digimon.

“Claw Attack!” The green-eyed Digimon raked his claws into Devidramon’s flank. The Evil Dragon type snarled as it made to retaliate with a swipe of its claws.

“Gabumon, now!” Kazue commanded.

“Little Horn!” the black-horned Digimon sunk its horn into Devidramon’s back.

“Super Thunder Strike!” Elecmon quickly fired off an attack of its own, striking Devidramon with a bolt of lightning.

“Nice work, Elecmon! Keep it up!” Kosuke cheered.

“Dark Gale!” Devidramon swung both its arms, sending out a large wave of wind that was tinged black. Agumon and Gabumon were quick to shove their respective partners to the floor while Machinedramon shielded Kosuke and Elecmon.

“Let ‘em have it, Gabumon!” Kazue ordered.

“You too, Agumon!” Hinata told his Digimon.

“Don’t get left out, Elecmon!” Kosuke commanded.

“Petit Fire!”

“Pepper Breath!”

“Super Thunder Strike!” Gabumon breathed a stream of flames while Agumon spat a green fireball and Elecmon fired off another bolt of lightning. Devidramon let out a pained cry as all three attacks connected.

“Get clear! Machinedramon, Infinity Cannon!” the silver haired boy ordered. Kazue, Hinata, and their Digimon wasted no time getting out of the line of fire as Machinedramon’s cannons whirred to life and the machine Digimon took aim. Still stunned from the taking three simultaneous attacks, Devidramon took a direct hit as the much larger Digimon fired a blast of energy from its cannons. The black dragon Digimon quickly disintegrated into data particles.

“That takes care of that,” Kosuke stated. “Looks like nobody but Devidramon got hurt.”

“It would’ve looked foolish if you had gotten hurt in a fight between programs, and to face one unarmed as well…” the boy in white pointed out. “I didn’t even get a chance to stop you.”

“To be fair, I only planned to distract it,” Kosuke mentioned.

“Regardless, it may have been something of an ordeal, but those Digimon programs are now yours. Instruct them well, and master the program,” the silver haired boy told them. “It is very rare to obtain a Digimon Program without scanning it, but some how it hasn’t stopped this happening for four people today. It seems the number of irregular hackers is on the rise today.”

“Maybe you should introduce us to this other one?” Kazue suggested. “Speaking of which, nobody has done much of that since we got to Kowloon.”

“Ah yes, I’ve forgotten to do that,” the silver haired boy realized. “I’m Yuugo. Yuugo from Team Zaxon. If you want to become top-tier hackers, then you should seek us out. Our doors are always open to you.”

“I’ll keep your offer in mind,” Kosuke stated. “I’d introduce myself, but seeing as how you already seem to know why I’m a hacker, you must already know my name.”

“That’s right, Kosuke Watanabe,” Yuugo confirmed.

“Well Yuugo, I’m Hinata, and our friend here is Kazue,” Hinata indicated.

“Thanks for today. It ended up being a real treat!” Kazue said. Yuugo smiled.

“I’m glad you managed to enjoy yourselves. You displayed good teamwork as well,” he mentioned.

“I think that was mostly the Digimon though. For the most part, we still don’t quite know what we’re doing,” Hinata admitted.

“Even so, you did just fine,” Yuugo pointed out. With that, he finally walked away.

Yuugo of Zaxon, Kosuke thought. Maybe some day my search for truth will uncover who you really are.

“So what do we do now?” Kazue asked.

“I think we should probably leave. I think there’s been enough excitement for one day, and there’s no telling if we’ll get attacked again if we stay here,” Kosuke pointed out as he ran a hand through his short black hair.

“You’re probably right,” Hinata agreed. “Actually, let’s go get on Enjoy Chat right now and tell everyone what happened.”
So some end notes here. I'm pretty sure Mr. Navit the hacker was Yuugo from Zaxon the whole time. I think the only reason why Mr. Navit showed up at the start of Cyber Sleuth was because Nokia and the others started talking about them in Enjoy Chat. That being said, I didn't have much reason for this happening here other than blantantly basing the first chapter off the start of the first game. Now you might be wondering, why "Tamer's Truth?" Well the answer is simple: Kosuke is searching for truth, but you already knew that, and I plan to have him join the Rebels after Nokia forms them. I also got the title idea from Hacker's Memory. I don't honestly know if I'll ever get to finish writing this story, so for now I'm treating it as a bit of a fun experiment for my writing experience.

Some RWBY fans will notice that Kazue's appearence sounds suspciously similar to Ruby Rose from RWBY. All I'll say to that is she's a fan and a bit of an expy. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I'm doing for most of the chapters. Because of this, I'm likely to end up winging a good deal of this. This is true for the next chapter as well as there is only a few events in the Cyber Sleuth games I can base chapters off of. Elecmon, Gabumon (Black), and Agumon (Black) will all receive names next chapter. I felt the Enjoy Chat intro was pretty much mandatory, and I enjoyed some of the names I came up with. Especially $N4CK. For some reason, I found someone calling themselves Snack amusing. For some reason, I kept typing Kosuke's name as Nosuke.
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