Digimon Savers: Gaomon's Quest

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Aug 20, 2019
New York
Hi, all! This is my first post on this forum! Before I begin, here's a little bit of history...

I've been a big fan of the Pokemon anime for a while now, but, lately, the show's been starting to bore me. So I turned to other anime to satisfy my appetite. And that's where Digimon comes in...

A couple weeks ago, I was on Sakugabooru when I came across a beautifully animated cut from Digimon Adventure 02: Hurricane Landing. I thought the movie looked pretty cool, so I headed on over to KissAnime to check it out. Needless to say, I became instantly hooked.

Next I watched the first episode of Digimon Savers. This eventually became a full out marathon of the series that finally ended last night. Over the course of 48 episodes, I fell in love with that badass little puppy, Gaomon! His relationship with his "Master", Thomas Norstein, was really cute, and it made me cry when they had to go their separate ways in the final episode. I immediately began writing a story about him, which you are about to read. Please remember that I am still relatively new to Digimon, so I apologize if some of the terminology and lore is wrong.


Digimon Savers: GaomonÂ’s Quest


My master...is nobody but you......

Those were the last words I ever spoke to my Master, Thomas J. Norstein, before I left him forever.

My name...is Gaomon.

The time I spent with Thomas J. Norstein was the happiest part of my life. He had had a rough childhood, having dealt with the tragic death of his mother, an overbearing father, a grandmother who wanted nothing to do with him, and a sister who was born with a rare neurological disease that limited her mobility.

But all of that changed on the day he met me. My Digi-Egg fell out of the sky, and hatched on the lawn of his private mansion in Austria. The two of us quickly became best friends.

There was a problem, though. A secret agency called DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad) found out that Master was harboring me. They arrived to take me away, but Master put up a good fight. Eventually, the DATS agents decided that, if he wanted to keep me, he would have to become a member of the team. He agreed, and he joined DATS at their headquarters in Japan, which also happened to be where he spent his early childhood. We met their other agent, Yoshino Fujieda, and her partner Digimon, Lalamon. They were very nice to us, but nothing ever could have prepared us for what came next.

Enter Masaru Daimon. We first met him upon returning from a six-month stay at DATSÂ’ Austrian branch. Although he didnÂ’t get along well with Master at first, the two quickly set aside their differences and became an unstoppable force. We apprehended several troublesome Digimon together, such as a BomberNanimon who nearly ruined MasaruÂ’s sisterÂ’s birthday, a Togemon that was being used to fix boxing matches, and an Evilmon that forced a down on his luck man to start gambling.

But not everything was sunshine and roses for DATS. We ran afoul of the evil genius, Akihiro Kurata, and his plans for Digimon genocide. He was, without a doubt, the most despicable human being ever.

Things got worse when Kurata tried to make Master switch over to his side. He refused at first, but when Kurata revealed to Master that he would kill his little sister if he refused, he reluctantly agreed. Of course, we were only pretending to go along with his plans, and we turned the tables on him. And after his plan to use an ancient Digimon named Belphemon failed, he made one last desperate act, and detonated a space-time oscillation bomb.

All of these incidents with Kurata attracted the attention of the Digimon God, Yggdrasil, who vowed to destroy the entire human race for harming the Digital World. But thanks to Master and the rest of DATS, we were able to defeat him, and save the Real World!

But, sadly, all good things must come to an end. After the battle, DATS informed us that all of the Digimon would have to go back to the Digital World to fix all the damage that the humans caused. This meant that I would have to leave my Master forever.

On our last day together, I left him with those now immortal words: “My Master...is nobody but you....”

And this is where my current life begins. ItÂ’s now been twelve years since we parted ways, but, after all that time, I have never forgotten my Master.