Digimon RPG- Relaunch of Digimon Battle Online in North America Under Original Title


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Sep 8, 2006

A bit of a history lesson on this one...

In 2002, Digimon RPG, an MMO based on Digimon Tamers, was released in Korea (followed 7 years later by Digimon Masters, which had a larger overall focus, with it heavily based on Savers.)

In 2010, RPG came out in the west under the title of Digimon Battle (Online). 3 years later it was shut down, and a few years later Masters came out in the West (it is still avaialble.)

But the Korean version of RPG continued along, even while Masters was running, and more recent games announced by the same companies involved.


After various announcements, mis-announcements, changes in details, etc. Digimon RPG has launched in the west (again), this time under it's own name.

The official site for the game is open, and you can sign up for accounts, get the launcher, etc. (Update- Shortly after writing this article the entire official site began to throw up '403 Forbidden, access is denied' errors. The site should return shortly, hopefully.)

The reservation page, promising various bonus items to those who sign up, is still up.

They have also added a notice to the website that due to a copyright issue, the new North American server is IP locked to North America only.


We had previously skipped news since things kept changing (previews would appear and then vanish days, or even an hour or two later, the game had at least two release dates announced in ways that were never 100% clear if they were official, with a general poor amount of communication, etc.), but the game has finally reopened and launched...

Although due to server and launcher issues, if you aren't in the game you won't be able to get in for at least an hour or two from the time of this post, as they are fixing up some issues.

If you have fond memories of the game, or just want to check it out, things should hopefully be stabilized for it shortly and you should be able to play.

Various bits on the official page are currently not working at the time of this posting, such as the link to the Youtube page, patch page, FAQ, etc.


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Jul 26, 2021
Melbourne, Australia
I've always wanted to try this MMO that's even older than me, so I watched a metric frick ton of guides in preparation for July 14th (Previous release date), I've installed windows on my Macbook, got some of my friends into Digimon to play with me...

Then it was moved to today. At 11:00 KST. In the middle of the school day. So I've waited till I went home. Then I downloaded the thing when it came out. Then it refused to launch for 2 hours and then a server maintenance arrived. My friends aren't coming anymore, I've cancelled Badminton with my family and set aside more homework to wait even more.

So to wait out the next few hours, I loaded up WtW, and it lagged out for 10 minutes and wouldn't let me in.

I should just start a Masters account...

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Sep 10, 2006
Again? I think I tried this for a while then just stopped because if a Digimon MMO can't get me in, could anything. I might think about it again. ...Maybe.