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Aug 1, 2021

Episode 1​

Long ago, a world foreign to humans was turned into a state of chaos. The digital world, lived in by digital monsters known as Digimon. In this chaos, the digimon heroes who once protected the world fell. Digimon groups went missing, leading the digimon to be ruled by corruption and chaos. Digimon fought for survival in this new world.

However, as the digital world turned into this form of chaos, the human world became more connected to the digital world in everyday world. The internet and global connections allowed for the every-man to connect to the digital world at anytime. These connections created rifts in the digital world and a stable connection between the monsters in the digital world and the humans in the human world.

In the dark of night, a young teenage boy was walking back to his apartment. He walked past small puddles of water from the rain a few days before. He buttoned up his red jacket as a cold chill flowed over the area.

He adjusted his goggles and put them over his eyes as rain began to pour down again. It’s been raining too much recently. Too much for Takashi Date at least.

However, in the reflection of the light, Takashi saw a giant sea serpent in the middle of the street. The serpent was as tall as the building beside it. However, unlike the buildings it stood beside, it seemed to be made of light.

Takashi backed up from the sea monster. Takashi removed his goggles to look at the beast in a better light. However, as he got another look, lightning struck the beast. Takashi was pushed back and fell to the ground.

The beast was gone. As he blinked, he got up. “Huh…What was…..” He looked around, shrugged it off, and walked home once again. As he got home, he quickly dried off. His father looked over and smiled. “Seems you got rained on huh son?”

He chuckled. “Yeah. The lightning was playing tricks on me tonight. I saw a sea monster in the street through the rain.”

His father smiled. “I see. Well hopefully this rain will pass-” As the father was speaking the electricity went off, powering down. The father sighed. “Not again. These stupid storms.” As his father went to turn on the battery powered lights, Takashi went into his room, only to hear a crash. On his balcony, he saw a being reflecting in the rain just like the sea monster before.

He opened the door and looked closer at the creature. It was flickering in the rain, producing a soft static sound. Takashi would describe the beast as dog like in nature. It wore metallic armor all around its body and some parts of it reminded Takashi of a dragon. He got closer to the beast.

He felt an urge to touch the beast. His mind was screaming no but his heart was screaming yes. He knelt down and touched the monster. Static surrounded his hands.

The beast glowed as Takashi closed his eyes from the light. When the light faded, the beast stood up on its four legs. In Takashi’s hand was a strange device about the size of a phone.

The beast looked up at him. Instead of reflecting in the light, its fur was getting wet in the rain. “Hello human. I am Huckmon. Future Royal Knight.”

Author's Note: This is a beta of Digimon Royal, which is a series that will function similarly to a normal Digimon Season. The feature Chapters will likely be uploaded to AO3. (I just need to get my AO3 account approved) So feel free to comment about the chapter here since this won't be where future chapters are published.