Digimon: Rewired


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Jan 19, 2021
This is something I've been trying to write for a very, very long time. And that is a Digimon story inspired by the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. I always thought that there was such a big potential for a story like this, and since I'm already doing a PMD one, why not try something like this, right?

Summary and warnings

  • The year is 2020. A boy named Dylan is suddenly thrust into an unknown world, similar to a series he once loved to watch. Now stuck in the body of a Digimon, he must go through trials with friends to grow and maybe make the brave new world he's in a better place.
  • Rated T for swearing


Ain't got no mojo...
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Jan 19, 2021
Water rushed through the hands of a teenage boy, washing over cuts he had all over his arms. He stared at the mirror in silence, already used to those bruises, to the point he didn't care anymore.

Maybe one day your dad will stop this, Dylan… Or maybe not.

Dylan couldn't distinguish himself from a crowd if he was in one. He had short black hair, grayish-blue eyes, a rather soft expression, and a small demeanor as if he wanted nothing more to just go home and use his computer. He also wore a red hoodie, which now covered the cuts on his arm, alongside brown pants and a pair of sneakers.

His stomach growled. Geez, I'm hungry already? I swear I had lunch earlier… weird.

He left the bathroom and took a look around the corridor of his apartment. Dylan's dad was not at home, and he could see the kitchen table empty, filled with the dishes from his last meal, even having insects all over the plates.

"I am not cleaning that," Dylan said, before shivering. "On second thought, if dad finds it like this… Yikes."

Dylan picked the plates, putting them in the dishwasher. Having that made both their lives easier, he just knew it. He chuckled and heard a buzzing noise from his pocket.


Taking his phone off, he saw a few messages from a person he considered his best friend: Ethan. They have been friends since he was eight, and now, ten years later, he was still close to him. While he waited for the machine to do its job, Dylan began texting.


What's up?


Oh hi Ethan.

Sup. Are you free this afternoon? Found something weird.​

I guess? Dad's not here, just cleaning the dishes.

Or the dishwasher is, but whatever.

Well then, do you know about this thingy?​


Of course you don't! Check this out! They have this personality test, and somehow, it's creepy!​


Do you mean Buzzfeed creepy?

I hate you.​

Pretty sure you don't.

Whatever, man.

Look, here's the weird thing.

You open the site, and the only thing there is this quiz.​

Alright… go on.

When you finish the quiz, the site… vanishes.​


What the fuck are you talking about?

It's like it never even existed! There's no trace of it left!​

Okay. And I assume you're gonna go there?

Exactly! What about you? Don't you love some mysteries?​

I'll think about it.

That conversation was exhausting, and it finished right as the washer was done. Dylan left the plates there and went to his room, throwing himself at his bed and staring at the ceiling.

It was a small room, containing a table for his studies, although there was a laptop on top of it, a closet, and his bed, alongside one window, where Dylan's gaze now was.

"Personality test… Ethan, why are you so weird?"

Ethan knew exactly how to push his friend's buttons. The idea of some weird, unknown place online resonated with Dylan, and he resisted the idea of doing that. But it kept going. What would happen? Would that test be accurate, or would it be just something some random person made to prank people? All those options made him even more curious, especially how the site… deleted itself.

How would that even work? I don't think anything truly vanishes online…

Dylan shivered, remembering some embarrassing pictures his mother took of him when he was a kid, and how they never went away, even if he tried his best to erase them.

You know, at least this makes me forget...

He raised the sleeves of his jacket, the cuts were still fresh. Screw it, he had nothing better to do, and his instincts screamed for him to check whatever was wrong with that site.

"Alright, then. Let's do this," he sighed. "Dad's always saying I'm a failure, so look at me, using a random test to find my own worth…"

Dylan got up, sitting on his chair. Anxiety filled his body, even sweat came down his face. He hadn't even booted the computer yet! He gulped and did just that.

The site was pretty simple, or so Dylan thought. He didn't know much about web design to complain about it, anyway. He saw a black background, with a small area where he could type the question. He found that to be odd, didn't these tests have multiple choices? He ignored it, checking out what the question was.

Do you consider yourself important, whether it is for others or yourself?

"Of course, they start with the question that hurts the most," Dylan rolled his eyes and typed. "I really don't. I'm not important to anyone."

The screen flashed before changing to another question.

Would you ever risk your life for a friend?

"My life is meaningless, why not? They deserve it more than I do," he said to nobody but himself as he typed once again.

Would you ever kill someone?

That made Dylan gasp. What kind of question was that? This was, at the very least, bizarre, which made him remember something: that was similar to the Mystery Dungeon games he used to play as a kid. Those games were fun and always made him cry.

"Those ones were not weird, though," Dylan answered again. "I don't know."

If given the opportunity, would you betray your friends?

"Ha! That one's easier!" Dylan grinned, typing. "Of course not."

If you could describe yourself in one sentence, what would it be?

Dylan tilted his head. This question was harder to answer, but still, he did it. "A worthless pile of garbage, but I'm grateful for my best friend still being by my side."

Do you think you could fight for others you do not know?

"Uh, yeah," he typed. "Of course, they deserve good things."

He saw the site flash again before yet another question popped up on his screen. Right at the top, though, he saw another one, this time, a statement.

Congratulations, you have passed the test. You seem to be… lacking in self-confidence.

"Oh, really? Well, at least the quiz is correct…"

A voice emanated from the screen, startling Dylan. More text appeared letter by letter, making it take some time to fully appear. What he saw made him get closer to the screen.

You lean onto others because you hope they will pity you and accept you. Despite that, deep inside, you think you're not worth all the affection you may receive, and because of that, you might be… Suicidal. Isn't it? Those cuts in your hand prove it.

"W-What the actual fuck?!" Dylan blinked, taking a moment to read the words again, and again, and again. That text was still there, mocking him. How the hell did that site know about his cuts?! Nobody did!

A human like you should be… a Herissmon. You have passed the test, and are now being called. You will learn to have faith in yourself. Do not believe the lies your mind tells. Your existence is important.

"H-Heriss… mon? What, like a Digimon? That children's cartoon?! And… having faith?!" Dylan shivered, backing away from the computer.

The laptop's screen flashed in white light, almost blinding for him, which made Dylan cover his face. That was his mistake, as the screen pulled him closer into it, and if anyone was in that apartment, they would be able to hear his screams. Until eventually, it ceased, and he was gone.


Ain't got no mojo...
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Jan 19, 2021
Chapter 1 - printf("Hello World");

Pain shot into Dylan's body while he fell. It hurt so much he couldn't even take a good look around, filling the air with a guttural, panicked scream. Although he didn't exactly know what was going on, he could feel his bones cracking, rearranging themselves, and his skin felt like it was being ripped apart.


Memories flashed inside his brain. How did that voice know about his cuts? Not even his family knew. And more importantly, where was he going now? The computer sucked him in, didn't it?

It all happened so fast. The test, the glow, it almost felt unnatural, maybe that was a dream? No, a dream wouldn't have pain…

Time passed slowly while whatever was going on happened. Dylan forced his eyes open, just in time to see himself crashing into leaves with a loud thud.


Dylan opened his eyes again, feeling something raspy inside his throat. He coughed leaves and felt numb, tumbling down into the floor.

"M-My head…"

He got up, but dizziness overtook him and he fell down again. Still, he was able to take a good look around, gasping.


Dylan found himself in what appeared to be a dense forest, with trees that had thick leaves covering the sky. He could also hear the sound of waves, seeing a river right in front of him. But there was one thing that stood out to him: everything felt bigger. He wasn't really that tall, only about five and a half feet, but that was ridiculous!

"...Where am I? A dream. Oh god, th-this has to be a dream!" He stood up again, still confused, but his sight didn't deceive him. He was smaller.

Dylan gulped, remembering something he thought; that test was so similar to a game he used to play as a kid, down to the very detail of the screen telling he's a creature. That sent a shiver down his spine, and he looked down.

"AH!" He fell again, panting, before running towards the river to take a good look. Sadly, his fears were true.


Where once stood a human being was now a short, hedgehog-like monster. Dylan now had bright blue eyes, spikes colored silver and yellow around his head and back, giving the impression of hair, and instead of hands, clawed paws on his arms and legs.

"T-This has to be a dream! I'm not crazy!" Dylan screeched, slapping himself in the face, which sent a jolt of pain to him, confirming that it was real.

It was then that Dylan noticed something else on his arm, a bracelet. It looked like a smartwatch, having a large screen that Dylan assumed was sensitive to touch.

"O-Oh no! Take me back! Voice of life! Whatever you are, j-just take me back! I don't want this!" Dylan touched the screen with his claws, getting more desperate every time.

The watch's screen glowed, before sending a scanning beam all around Dylan's body. A beeping sound came out of the device until it turned into a voice.

Herissmon, a Rookie Mammal Digimon of the Data type. It is brimming with curiosity and will lose sight of its surroundings once it finds something to fixate on, although it is also highly cautious and will make its hard, needle-like quills stand on end when it is afraid. It is very attached to those it has warmed up to, wanting to protect them from all harm. Its special moves are "Lightning Fur", where it shoots lightning-coated quills, and "Needle-Point Dive", where it rams with its body curled up into a ball.

Heriss… mon? Wait, that was what the voice said! Is this what I am now?!

Warning: this specimen of Herissmon contains foreign data, classified as Homo sapien. Please proceed with caution when interacting with it.

Dylan tilted his head. At the very least, this thing knew he was human deep inside.

I'm… a Digimon now? So this is my Digivice? It looks weird, but then again, I don't think I could carry any of the other ones when I'm… like this.


Dylan stood there, unsure of what to do. That felt like a weird mix of Mystery Dungeon and Digimon. If so, would he find a partner? It was better than nothing, maybe if he did, they would help him get back home.

"God damn it! Why did I have to trust Ethan on this?!" Herissmon punched the grass and unintentionally shot some of his quills in a random direction.

Dylan stumbled back, dumbstruck. "D-Did I do that…? Whoa!"

His excitement was cut short, however, when something came out from deep inside the woods. A goblin-like creature, holding a wooden club. It hissed, gazes fixed on the hedgehog.

"O-Oh, hi! I'm Dylan! A-Are you… a good guy? I'm trying to get back home and—"

"Gobli Strike!"

The creature hissed, shooting a fireball from his hand. Herissmon narrowly dodged, moving to the left. Dylan panted, his body was shivering in fear.

"You shot me! What kinda guy does that?! Oh, you must be after the Crest! I'm not letting you take away my chances!"

"C-Crest? Sorry, I have no idea what you're talking abo—"

Another beam shot from Dylan's Digivice, scanning his enemy, while the former human was trying to make it stop, not wanting to anger that Digimon any further.

Goblimon, a Rookie Demon Digimon from the Virus type. It is a mischief-loving, impish Digimon with the appearance of a small oni. Cunning but lacking courage. Its special move is "Gobli Strike", where it launches fireballs at the enemy.

"Lacking courage?! That's it!" Goblimon charged with his club, ramming it against Dylan and sending him across the floor.

Herissmon roared in pain, feeling his body ache with that simple strike. How could a Rookie be so powerful?! Before he knew it, Goblimon was preparing another fireball.

"You're not taking away my chances of evolving! The Crest of Faith will be mine!"

"Ag-Again… I have no clue what you're talking about!" Dylan bit his lips, his mind racing to try and come up with a plan to survive. The Digivice said he had two moves…

Dylan focused as best as he could and before the fire could land, he dashed, body curled in a ball shape. It didn't last, though, as the hedgehog stopped his movement, falling with his face on the floor.

"Ha! You're weak, I'll just load your data! The Crest of Faith will be mine!"

Come on, Dylan! Think! He got up again, panting. His body was still hurt from the previous attack, and being so inexperienced made him an easy target.

Herissmon curled like a ball again, this time, not moving, simply spinning and using that momentum to throw patches of dirt into Goblimon, who dropped his club, rubbing his eyes.

"You piece of junk! I'll delete you!"

"T-Thanks, but no! What's the name…? Lightning Fur!" Dylan concentrated again, firing more of his sparking quills onto Goblimon, sending him into the river.

Dylan panted, falling on his knees. That was exhausting, but at least it was over.


Or so he thought. Another beeping sound came from his Digivice, there was a strange symbol on the screen, shaped like an eye with a horn on top of it. Below the symbol was a simple word: Obsession.

Goblimon jumped back into the ground, his body wrapped in a dark aura. He took one step forward before collapsing in pain, the aura burned him as his body mutated, becoming enveloped in flames that were shaping into the form of a lizard. Claws protruded from his arms, and a metallic helmet formed in his head.

"...YES! I feel the power! I'm Flare Lizamon!" The former goblin roared, smoke coming out of his nostrils. His mere presence burned the grass to crisp.

Dylan stumbled back in shock. Was that an evolution?! He could barely fight a Rookie, let alone some Digimon that was a level higher!

"No!" he cried out, tears streaming from his eyes. He couldn't die like this, in that strange place! He had so many things he wanted to do!

The flaming lizard opened his mouth, sending a stream of flames, and that was the last thing Dylan saw before his body went numb.