Digimon Raon Lee Cover Album Update, Tracklist & Crowdfunding Tiers


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006

An update on the Raon Lee cover album that was announced to celebrate 20 years of Digimon in Korea.

While it isn't open until July 3rd, the crowdfunding page has been put up with some information.

We won't be going over everything, just a quick overview.

The page mentions shipping worldwide and provides details in a few different languages, but also says it can only be sold in Korea, so it's unclear at the moment if anyone interested in this outside of Korea can participate or not.

The tracklist for the album has been announced:
1- Brave Heart
2- Butterfly
3- Break Up!
4- Evo
5- One Vision
6- Fire

All 6 will be sung by her in Japanese.

There will be 12 rewards, none of the Digimon ones will be revealed until the funding opens on the 3rd.
It's mentioned that the artwork and the products will be exclusive to this crowdfunding project.
These are being left as listed in English on the page:
1. StarMaker certificate (Digital)
2. Digimon Adventure Author's handwritten signature (Printing)
3. Raon's impression Letter (printing)
4. Digimon Adventure the 20th anniversary Official collaboration OST (CD album)
5. Lyric book
6. Raon AR Photo Card (1 type)* 1 pc random out of 3 types will be given.
7. Digimon Adventure Sticker Pack
8. Digimon Adventure Card (5 types)
9. Digimon Adventure the 20th anniversary Official collaboration OST (USB album)
10. Digivis STAND GRIP
11. Raon acrylic stand (1 type)
12. Digimon Adventure Acrylic Stand (8 types)

There will be 4 rewards tiers: (prices are given in US dollars)
1. $0.83- Item 1
2. $24.08- Items 1 through 6
3. $55.65- Items 1 through 11
4. $82.21- All 12 items

The first 100 people will also get limited Digimon Adventure posters as a bonus gift.

Hopefully some good art shows up and it'll be interesting to see.

They also embedded a pre-existing cover she did of Butter-Fly a few years ago:



I'm a Maniac
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Aug 2, 2014
Covers of Digimon songs are released on CD pretty frequently, but the big "official push" behind this album has me intrigued. The crowdfunding page mentions official involvement from the music production team at Toei, so I wonder if we'll see any familiar names in the album credits. Cher Watanabe or Michihiko Ōta returning to handle the arrangements would be enough to push me into "I want this" territory.

ROAN's "Butter-Fly" video isn't knocking my socks off, but I kinda dig it. Color me interested in hearing what an "official" cover from her sounds like.