Digimon Profile #33- The Fabled Legend-Arms Digimon


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Aug 24, 2020
We need more Legend Arms, because I'd love to see an anime where the humans are all partnered with Legend Arms, actually weild them in battle [with the Digimon having to evolve before transforming as enemies get stronger) culminating in the leader, pared the Zubamon, and lancer, pared with Ludomon, merging with both their partners and each other in a Biomerge/Jogress hybrid to become RagnaLordmon.
Honestly I kinda wish Zubamon and Ludomon were the partner Digimon for Nokia Shiramine instead of Omegamon even though that makes no sense timeline wise.

All of the jokes that were done with Agumon/Gabumon would still work for Zubamon/Ludomon and the scene of her standing like badass in front of Omegamon likewise would've worked beautifully with RagnaLordmon standing behind her with their fiery cape.

Plus we've had an over-saturation of Omegamon as a partner, let them rest a little.
I agree wish they released Ludomon line and Ragnalordmon as DLC.