Digimon Pop-Up Theater Lucky Bag Announced for New Year's


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
If you're going to be in Japan for the New Year, you might wanna stop by the Shibuya Parco!

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The Digimon Shop at Limited Base Pop-Up Theater has announced they will have Digimon fukubukuro (lucky bags.)

Fukubukuro are grab bags done at stores in the New Year that contain a selection of products that cost more than the price of the bag (the number many places give for a 'proper bag' is the price of the bag being half of the MSRP of the contents.) Some stores use it to clear out excess merchandise, others use it for good will (or the press if they announce some bags will have extra premium items at random.)

The Limited Base Pop-Up Theater will sell 200 Digimon fukubukuro on January 2nd for 5,000 yen. There will be 200 bags total, with 6 items in each bag, including products that are exclusive to the fukubukuro.

A sample/example of one of the bags will be shown soon.

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