Digimon Partners Announces DigiGift- Small Digital Ongoing Content- April Phone Wallpaper featuring Adventure 02: The Beginning


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Sep 8, 2006

Digimon Partners has announced a new ongoing content series.


They describe it as...

We're starting a project to create little digital contents using illustrations and topical visuals, and delivery then as 'DigiGifts'

First, for a year, there will be a calendar wallpaper on the first day of every month that you can use as a lock screen on your smartphone

DigiGift project just started. We look forward to hearing ideas and working together so they can create these 'littlegifts' that will make Digimon fans happy.

What kind of illustrations would you like to see?
What kind of digital content would you like?
Please leave thoughts in the comment section. The Digimon Partners staff is waiting for you!

Leave comments in the comment section of this page at Digimon Partners if you want to leave any suggestions.

As you can see above, the first DigiGift is a phone wallpaper for April 2023 featuring the poster art for Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning.

Here is the image...


Setting up using existing art to make little digital things is a fun idea, and hopefully it continues.

Although hopefully they do 2 tweaks:
1- Higher resolutions
2- Something better to stretch the aspect displays when needed, as the current wallpaper, especially on the bottom, feels like it woudl have benefitted from a more solid color or something, rather than repeating.


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