Digimon Odyssey Online (recommended for ages 10 and up)

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Nov 16, 2012

The Year is 2030, the Digital World is not only the setting of the world's first virtual reality MMORPG "Digimon Odyssey Online", but it's also very real.
Certain DOO players from around the world have disappeared from the game, only to end up in the REAL Digital World. How did this happen? A group of evil Digimon called the Tenth Order may very well be the cause of this, attempting to merge both the Digital and Real Worlds into a world where Digimon reign supreme and humans are extinct. Will the Tenth Order succeed? Not if these young Tamers have anything to say about it!


Riku Yamamoto, of Tokyo, Japan, is an arrogant, but good-hearted and brave youth chosen to help save both worlds. He is 16 years old.

Gekkidramon, the lizard-like Digimon who is Eric's Partner in DOO. His signature attacks are Newt Knuckle and Frenzy Flame. Gekkidramon resembles a large, bipedal leopard gecko with a similar build to Digimon such as Agumon and Guilmon. He tends to hide behind his tail when he is feeling shy. Gekkidramon->Kengemon->UltraKengemon->Kukuldramon

Keisha Jones, of Brooklyn, New York, is both book smart and street smart. Just don't get on her bad side, because she tends to hold a grudge. She is 17 years old.

Muchomon, a reddish, penguin-like Digimon, is Keisha's partner. She tends to be very carefree and supportive of her friends and allies. Her attacks are Beak Basher and Slapping Strike. She tries not to go head first into conflict unless she has to. Muchomon->Diatrymon->Hippogryphomon->Valdurmon

Nigel Clayton of London, England, is calm and collected about ninety percent of the time, but can get revved up in seconds if his friends and allies need him to. He is 14 years old.

Koemon, a green monkey Digimon with a slingshot, is Nigel's partner. He tends to follow his gut to literally just about anything. He can be quick to anger if you try to take food from him. His attacks are Swing Sling and Banana Bomb. (Koemon->Simiamon->Neandermon->Cernunnosmon)

Lupita Mendoza, of Los Angeles California, is a goth girl who tends to look at the bright side of things unironically, and sometimes tends to rush into fights without thinking too much first. She is 15 years old.

Strabimon is a bluish-grey lycanthrope-like Digimon who tends to love taking on opponents at an even level as him. His fur is apparently very soft, and is easily flattered by such comments. His attacks are Chaos Claw and Laser Lash. (Strabimon->Sangloupmon->Cerberumon->Anubimon)

Episode One: The Game Is Real?! Raptordramon Attacks!

NOTE: Please bear with me because I haven't written a decent fanfic in quite some time.