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Sep 8, 2006
Well, it was a bit of a wait for these...

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With all of the news of the past week, it'd be easy to forget we have a livestream in a bit over 24 hours that they announced towards the end of last year.

With a bit over 26 hours to go (at the time of this post) they've finally posted the various stream links for 'Digimon News Navigation'

The stream begins at 3am (Pacific time) on Friday July 24th, which is 8pm in Japan:
Line Live

The DigiNavi page on the updated Digimon website has put up a standby image that links you to the Youtube page.

They also mention it being streamed on Periscope, but provide no standby link.

Be aware any (or all) of the streams may end up being geolocked once the stream begins.

In addition to Chika Sakamoto (Agumon) and Tamura Mutsumi (Koushiro) they've announced Digimon movie producer Yosuke Kinoshita will be a guest for the stream.

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Another promo photo of Mutsumi with Agumon posted by the Digimon Web Twitter.

They had previously announced information for the upcoming movie Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna for the stream, and we can likely expect product information and other stuff, not unlike when they did the Tokuban streams for tri. (you can Mutsumi holding the new CSA Digivice in the promotional image for example.)

Questions were collected via a Q&A form previously to be answered in a 'game corner' during the stream also, so game news (or at least a look at Survive) is also expected.

Update- Producer Habu tweeted regarding the game corner and the Q&A. Due to the length of time they have for the game corner they will focus on Digimon Survive related questions that had been sent in.

With Digimon Adventure: being announced, and all the stuff that was announced alongside it, a look at some (or even much of it) wouldn't be a shock, although we cant' say for sure.

Let's hope for some fun stuff.